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Funeral Services for Aldwin Guilbert Albino will be held on Saturday 28th September at 10 am at St John Brebeuf Church, 7777 George Street in Lasalle  H8P1C8.

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Good times in Montreal with my dear friend Aldwin Albino

He visited my school many times to give and share his music.

Thank you so much Aldwin, my family and I are deeply grateful for your contributions 

Your contributions extend from way back in Trinidad, and these  have made you iconic.

You were already that icon whom I grew up knowing and admiring. (TV was new in T&T)

Years later, when I actually met up with you in Montreal, it was awe inspiring. 

I kept telling you how much we were big fans of the pianist for Scouting For Talent" and "Twelve and Under"

You did not believe that you were such a revered and famous person, but we did.

Then, to jam and play music with you, a living legend, was just inspirational.

But Aldwin, we became good friends, like so many others in Montreal who will attest to that.

We will all miss you, but you have also left us gems that we will cherish

Well done soldier of the culture. Rest in Peace  my friend.

Salah & Family



My most heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of the family.



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