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And I thought that PAN TRINBAGO was BROKE. Yet BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE managed to FIND MONEY to PAY for KEITH DIAZ to fly to AMERICA for a FUNERAL ... while PAN PLAYERS remain UNPAID!!!

Well, my TUNAPUNA SOURCE (St. John Road) was the the first one to VERIFY for me that BEVERLEY paid for the PLANE TICKET for KEITH DIAZ to fly to AMERICA and attend a funeral -- while PAN PLAYERS are playing FOR FREE because PAN TRINBAGO is supposed to be broke.

It really makes me wonder where "OTHER PAN TRINBAGO MONEY" is going under this new BEVERLEY ADMINISTRATION.

Now, we have to remember that prior to the election, when Beverly tried to do a little photo copying of documents for the elections in the PT office, KEITH DIAZ told her: "You can't use this office until you become president, so you should go and pay for your own photo copies."

Ah sure allyuh remember that video!!!

And long before that, Diaz made her persona non gratia when she left the executive and he banned her and Keith Simpson from attending meetings to represent their bands.

If that is NOT ENOUGH, Diaz refused her request after the elections, to meet and discuss and evaluate documents of importance.

Furthermore, when BEVERLEY called on DIAZ (in retrospect it seemed like a BLUFF now) to sit down with her and discuss the MISSING 60 MILLION -- Keith Diaz REFUSED TO MEET.

So allyuh could just imagine that PLENTY MEMBERS upset over this FREENESS TRIP and they are asking: What hold does KEITH DIAZ have over BEVERLEY? To me it look like a TRUMP and PUTIN situation -- but I eh living down there.And unless I could find a good source in TOWN to delve into this issue, ah have to leave it alone. That does not mean to say that I cannot add two and two on my own.

And Beverley real bold with PAN PLAYERS money, eh. She telling the upset members that she paid with PAN TRINBAGO money for a ticket for Diaz to attend the funeral as one of the representatives of PAN TRINBAGO -- because KEITH DIAZ and CLIFFORD ALEXIS were close friends.

Allyuh know how many PAN PLAYERS out here in the SF BAY AREA was close friends with CLIFFORD ALEXIS? And it woulda been cheaper to buy one ah dem a ticket than to buy a ticket for a man who left PAN TRINBAGO in 60 MILLION DOLLARS debt.

So who really know how much of her soul Beverley sold to the devil in KEITH DIAZ. And I call him a DEVIL because to steal all  dem MILLIONS from PAN PLAYERS you have to have a LOT OF DEVIL in you.

At first, I was the only man opposing BEVERLEY. But after this disclosure, HARDCORE BEVERLEY SUPPORTERS are now starting to question how THE PRESIDENT could spend so many THOUSANDS on a plane ticket for KEITH DIAZ when the PT budget is  greatly reduced and the organization is  begging corporations for money and she casually spend thousands of dollars on the man who stole TENS OF THOUSANDS from the organization.

Yuh sending DANE and yuh sending DENISE -- why yuh have to send THE GANGSTA too?

On top of that I hear that KEITH DIAZ has CARTE BLANCE to the HOSPITALITY/VIP box of PAN TRINBAGO at panorama. Eating and drinking and laughing at the PAN COMMUNITY and the EXPLOITED PAN PLAYERS!!!

And in private and among his close friends, KEITH DIAZ is beating his chest and telling everybody in his circle that Claude Gonzales was RIGHT because I, KEITH DIAZ, is the GREATEST POLITICAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

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