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... and what it is does make me BAWL, some ah dem doh like PAN IN DEY SCHOOLS at all; but yuh think they could go back to INDIA and say we have TASSA -- Yuh mad oh meh LARD OH!!!

Pundit Satyanand


Pan is not an instrument we all equally relish as we have differing musical tastes. While we celebrate the ingenuity and innovation of the device, Pan has come to be synonymous with the jam and wine of Carnival Culture. That is the reason that many will not have pan pushed down their throats!

The ashes of Sat Maharaj is not yet cold on the Caroni Banks before the Ministry acted quickly to reinstate its agenda to immediately institute pan in all schools regardless of the culture of the school or what the school needs are.
This PNM fascism to push pan as opposed to promoting music is one reason why the government schools failed annually to win scholarships and excel in exams. The PNM answer is not to level upwards but to dumb us all down.

A cursory look at social media will glaringly show who is beating book and who is beating each other ! Will pan solve the disciplinary problems in high risk schools? Has panyards quelled the violence in Laventille or Enterprise? Pan is a failed project in failing schools.

Denominational Schools boards should at least have the flexiabilty right of cultural practice and policy of freedom of choice of musical instruments. Imagine schools can choose different text books for the same subject but not be allowed to choose different instruments for music.

Hindu schools use very different musical instruments in their artistic expressions dholak and dhantal, tabla etc. If you want to give, do not impose the pan on all but give the right to choose from a variety of musical instruments or give all to all schools. Given the PNM statements on the Sari and treatment of Hindu culture, we should expect more of this cultural insensitivity.

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj

Spiritual head
Satya Anand Ashram

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Just as in English Premier League Football...there is NO ROOM FOR RACISM...

I would like to see somebody do a remake of "RESPECT OUR CULTURE" much like they just did "FEELING IT 2020"!!!

I have always had a problem with the redundancy of this line below since the world "CALYPSO" was used so close by in the first couplet:

... and what it is does make me bawl/some ah dem doh like CALYPSOS at all!!! But we need some good calypso composers to do the rewrite because I don't like how they BUTCHERED those new lyrics to FEELING IT (one of my favourite CALYPSOS of all time).

Well yuh think that MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE could to PANORAMA small band and say he could arrange for PAN? (Tell him Beverley): YUH MAD -- OH MEH LARD OHH!!!


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