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ANDY NARELL AND BIRDSONG .... lets think long and hard about this.

What Andy is doing is NOT Panorama music as we know it, but as mush as Panorama is we music its not appealing to the world over and as such we can't sell it. Fifty years of Panorama music has gone by and it has not been played on any contemporary music stations in any part of the world. forget any part of the world, inTrinidad and Tobago it's hard pressed to find a Panorama song being played on a local radio station. So yes, Andy Narell is trying to jazz things up and make it a little more appealing so that, in my mind, the world over can accept and make the steelpan music a little more marketable, and help move it in the right direction. Most of us are traditionalists and we like to hold on too tight. The Jamaicans have let go and have given the world Reggae and it's now marketable. There's even a spot on the Grammys for it. So, we young people have to think long and hard as to how we can make a change for our children, so that they will not suffer from what we are suffering from today (lack of recognition, lack of financial reward for our music, respect ... pool party,etc., etc.,).

Lets ask ourself do we really want to do the same thing that we have done for the past 50 yrs ??? because WE WILL GET THE SAME RESULTS.

I believe we can come up with a way or a fix.

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What the hell is all yuh problem with Andy Narell.  The man has done more to expand the global identity of steelband music, than any Trini or other. While doing that, the man ALWAYS gives full credit to Trinis and our ownership of the art form.  He takes no credit for himself.  Damm!  Wah wrong with all yuh?


Nothing wrong wid de people. As you say it is a  fact that Narell has helped to 'expand the global identity of steelband music" and that he always is honest re the ownership of the art form  But you seem to be saying that, because of this nobody must criticize any work he does with a pan side.

All people are saying is that this particular effort did not come off. It don't work. Of course is a matter of taste, a matter of what each of us looks for in a panorama tune. Some people find it great, some (like me) find it extremely good in general, but severely lacking in one important area, some don't like it at all. It is a little 'different' and whenever you come different, you will have varying responses.

Are you saying that because he is a man who has contributed to the international audience for pan, we must not criticise him.? Get real!

So if Pete Seeger had come and arrange for panorama and de tune was tata, we shoulda praise him?

Wha wrong wid YUH?

 As I said PANORAMA not appealing to the world over and as such we can't sell it. Panorama also need to get independent. If the Trinidad and Tobago Government don't pump money into it every year it will not happen. How long do we think they will continue to do this for ?? 50 more years ?? who knows may be it will take offfff next year.

Wont lie..i really do love the conversations that take place here, but this interface does kill me..it so...difficult to read and respond i think.... 


feel free...

Panorama,an event of our Cultural expression. Question,what is meant specifically by we music, and in which form should it be made marketable for the world over?  Do you think that Len Boogsie Sharpe is capable of Jazzing things up making it a little more appealing to the world over making Steel pan music a little more marketable.In your mind ?.  I hope we are not confusing Panorama Music type, with the Steel Pan Instrument itself, for the Instrument can be used to play any music when consciously applied by any musician that chooses to use it.  !!!  like any other Instrument. The early Pioneers took the Steel pan throughout the world many years ago proudly and this is the reason why it is so popular Today with less Financial compensation, it's called a sacrifice!!!.  Also you mentioned, that Panorama need to get independent,and not depend on the Trinidad and Tobago Government which profits from this,so it's only fair that they contribute,and they are not complaining; it's good for Tourism, that's one form of selling Panorama;Hotels,businesses etc.think of it! and the instrument lends itself to live exposure,lots of funds generated.  And one masai hall states the man has done more to expand the global identity of Steel Band music,than any Trini or other,and takes no credit,And I know He does it for free!!! .referring to Andy Narell. Please indicate the years and events so I can keep and compare with my records,Thanking you in advance!.   I Thought it was Historically documented that credit was given to the art form as being an integral part of the Steel Pan with its origin from Trinidad and Tobago, is credit still needed for that,or its just a reminder ? It looks like some is wanting to issue a Trinidad and Tobago Diplomat Passport, I am only asking questions.?


Tellison A Forde,

Jazz is not Trini music, so why should Trini have to jazz-up their music. Boogsie is a composer, arranger and player of the steelpan capable of doing anything with the instrument.

Where ever in the world Andy plays he gets paid.

The world will find Trini music the same way it found every other type of music.

Andy "trying a ting" and it eh wuking, plain and simple.  Even a Test Piece is not suited to Panorama.  The event is a cultural festival encapsulated in a competition.  It is part of our culture traditions that have very ritualistic meanings that will be lost if we try to focus more on monetizing and commercializing every aspect.  There are many other events where Andy can try to compete with the Master Tuners around.  This is not Bomb Competition, this is Panorama!  When Ray Holman composed and arranged Pan On De Move for Starlift (one of my all-time favourites), as Andy also referenced, he met many criticisms and hurdles for the changes.  But like a True Trini, Ray and Boogsie et al., took their licks, served their time, paid their dues and overcame it all.  Andy has to do the same and we'll see, but as he himself has realized, there are valid reasons he has tried to dodge around because of his so-called "celebrity" status loaded with a heavy dose of arrogance and entitlement.  He has also adjusted aspects to fit, so he needs to keep it real.   Andy needs to listen and learn and calm down because his opinions are quite often contradictory.  

Interesting spin unfolding on the wild side....  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/pulling-no-punches-andy...


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