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Aquil Arrindell's digital flyer. promotion, promotion, promotion.

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Wow... I  have  been waiting for the chance to say that I was  impressed with his children's band from a couple years back and promised to keep in touch once I got to TT.  Sadly my last trip b4 the pandemic did not give me the opportunity to connect.   I am now seeing what I was hoping would happen with the efforts he so quietly contributed. 

I am all for supporting his promotion.

Brenda H

Thank you so much Mrs Brenda Hosang.

probably I may have to come and check you when the covid restriction is lifted. 

Aquil: Don't get FAS' with yuhself. When it come to BRENDA and my ENGLISH GIRLFRIEND -- check them LONG DISTANCE. COVID RULES IN EFFECT with these TWO LADIES for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!


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