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Leason Jacobs  Commentary

Yesterday at 12:25 AM ·

Listening to the single pan semi finals, and one thing I must say..the hitters are literally HITTING the fackin instruments..fellas alyuh over doing this shit now man, I love listening to the sound of OUR national instrument but alyuh have them sounding like garbage cans man..Alyuh real get meh vex this hour inno..Shit!!!!!!!
Have a good night ---  Leason Jacobs 

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Hell yea!

And it's the fault of the drillers .


Beating pan as opposed to playing. 

You have to blame the PAN SUPPORTERS for not demanding a BETTER PRODUCT.

I am surprised to hear even ONE VOICE speak out -- so much emotionality surrounding the NATIONAL INSTRUMENT.



 “Execution suffers greatly when students use their arms as a source of force to strike a pan note.


Panists should NEVER use their arms as a source of force when playing a steel drum.




THE WRIST AND ONLY THE WRIST produces the necessary force to strike a pan note.”


SOURCE: Shelly Irvine, “Sweet Pan or Beat Pan: Are Steelbands Playing Too Hard?” Pan-Lime. Akron, Ohio: Panyard, Inc., May-June, 1997.

Yes. Big name panists do it too. Two left and Robbie play pan. Ray and Andre play pan.

This has always been a problem. I remember Ellie pelting A BREADFRUIT AT  a fellow named Mackie 4 hitting d pan too hard. This was in d early 60s in Invaders. It has 2 do with training. Most players r not trained. They r shown a piece of music by ROTE & once it is played to d arrangers satisfaction, no one cares if u use 1 hand or your foot 2 play d notes."Boogsie" is one of the biggest culprits He brutalises d instrument..Pianists r taught d right way to sit, 2 cock their hands,fingering techniqiues, not so pannists. So until we adopt some training standards this will continue unabated..Some players use their fingers 2 control d sticks rather than their wrists,which stifles d note. Othersa play from their elbows, even shoulders, which hammers d notes and untunes them.

Absolutely correct. Too much noise when players employ hammer strokes. Maybe the judges enjoy that?

Most of the players can not help doing it because they get caught up in the tune that they are playing. Some do it just to hear themselves within a large band, others do not even realize that they are hitting there pans to hard and in the process

knocking out the notes. this is a problem that has been going on since pan was invented and will continue. Small bands as a rule do not hit there pans to hard which is why they sound sweeter. After spending over seventy years within the pan community, that and those are my opinion. aka: Tahzann, aka: Curly!!!

All that being said, aren't there arrangers, drill masters, captains? Can't blame the players if they're given pans and told to just 'play'. There are sticking techniques, hand and wrist exercises, then those who control the sessions. Apparently no one is "listening" to what is being played.

I totally agree with you there!!!!

When the pans are brutalized and the judges listen to that, the band gets low marks for tone,they run out of the competition by a point or two,they blame the tuner.

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