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ATTSDC Donates Steelpans to the Nigerian Military School, Zaria

Instruments donated to the Nigerian Military School, Zaria, by ATTSDCNigeria - In meeting up with its corporate social responsibility, the Africa-Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan Development Company (ATTSDC) donated a complete set of steelpans for a fifteen-man band to the Nigerian Military School (NMS). In a presentation ceremony witnessed by very senior serving and retired Military officers including General GO Ogumudia (rtd), the CEO of ATTSDC—who is an Ex-Boy (former student) of the school—stated that the donation was to inculcate the steelpan culture in the boys (students) of the school.

According to the CEO, Chief Bowie S. Bowei, the steelpan art form which is currently spreading across Nigeria presents great opportunities for professionals, entertainers and entrepreneurs.
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Is this company still functioning?? I wonder what part is Pan Trinbago playing here?? Does anyone know??

This company never stopped functioning. Diaz pulled a bait and switch on you.


Bugs what do you mean by " pulled a bait and switched on you"? All in the dark must come to light eventually, not so?

It has Bertel. Everything Bowei said turned out to be true. He was the victim. He was much to gullible. He got hoodwinked by Diaz.  


Trini money in Nigeria.

How did you come to this conclusion Cecil?



What was the beef with Bowie about 2-3years ago?

Diaz tried to steal Bowie's company. Bowie's company and what he has been doing in pan is very well documented on WST - luckily for him. Show me where one dollar of Trini money has gone to Nigeria. In fact it seems like the flow is going the other way. I never heard anyone who has met or worked with Bowie say anything negative about him. Salah and others have all said great things about him.


There is much more here that isnt said. Is Pan Trinbago still a pardner here, and if not, how did they get out? We all saw the grand launch to this company, it included Government Ministers of T&T, whats happening with it now?

It took me  awhile to find this. wmlpan did a great job of putting together all the info. Folks fell for the okeydokey. Pan Trinbago is guilty as sin. check this http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/pan-trinbago-launches-n...


How did Pan Trinbago get out of this business venture, I am sure they did not just walk out, there must have been legal consequences that the T&T Taxpayer had to bare, not so?

These are very good points Bertel. Check this link - http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2012/oct/new-twist-in-nigeria-trinb...

You can see Diaz calling himself Chairman of the company.  One month later Pan Trinbago and Diaz has be divorced from the company. Not a peep out of anyone. This was an illegal hostile attempted takeover of Boewi's company. Folks were caught in nationalism and was to blind to see what was going on. Daiz and his gangstas got away again.



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