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Autopsy on Murdered Japanese Pannist Asami Nagakiya forwarded to homicide detectives. Are we closer to this Shocking CRIME being SOLVED once and for all ?.

Trinidad Express dated 15th MAR 2016 reported that MURDERED Japanese Pannist Asami  Nagakiya was not raped or sexually assaulted. This was contained in the results of a foreign forensic analysis of samples taken after her body was found. However an autopsy performed at the forensic center. St. James confirmed she had been strangled. Detectives also received dental moulds of bite marks on her body which police believe could be helpful in finding her attacker. The Express was told. R.I.P. ASAMI. BLESSINGS. 

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Earl: Don't believe that PNM PROPAGANDA COVER-UP.

Stupid remark!!!!

Prove it !


patrick ramdoo, what I've heard is the girl family want this ting DEAD.

I wish you posters would go the TRINIDAD GUARDIAN WEBSITE the next time there is a murder (and  since it is ONE A DAY under this government, there is likely to be one tomorrow) and educate yourself on CRIME IN TRINIDAD by  reading the commentaries at the bottom of the articles!!! Then come back and we could TALK without SENTIMENT and BLIND POLITICAL LOYALTY.

Putting all politics aside, those commentaries reflect the OPINION of the readers, some thoughtful and some entertaining. I'm sure you've heard the quote..."Opinions are like A$$-holes, everybody has one".

No offense intended.

Claude Gonzales,what does the PNM,have to do with Asami's murder?You are just a negative SOB,with nothing good to sayabout anything.If you can't say anything positive,don't say anything at all.BLESSINGS.

Morning Gory: You are the one who said that the crime would be solved soon. Go back and check your post!

Nonsense , Claude Gonzales

May I suggest more positive direction of the discussion of Asami's murder, eg., what can be done to minimize the impact on the perception of foreign pan players, not only regarding coming to T'dad to participate in panorama, etc., but also on the general interest and involvement in pan? Peace. 

My # 1 Suggestion is for the Protective Services (Police) to be trained in basic crime solving techniques. Start by having their crime investigators study how its done in major cities around the world. A good place to start is by viewing episodes of the cable channel A&E The First 48 hours...


# 2 Pan Yards have to start functioning as business type organizations, computerize some of your 

     every-day functions, establish an internet presence, as a business merchant create a PayPal 

     account with your web-site. Create a database for all your members.


#3  Steel band management should  start developing  mentoring  programs to encourage and train

     the youths (select those who exhibit the potential to succeed) in accounting, general management

      functions,  negotiating contracts, challenge them to come up with solutions in how best to

      improve their bands  survival with modernization . Partner with the educational institutions to give

      them training in information technology, leadership and business administration. They are our

      future, quality LEADERSHIP is what Pan needs.



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