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San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello

Steelband leaders predict a challenging 2019 Carnival season, as bands will now have to raise their own funds after the announcement that Pan Trinbago cannot promise stipends to players for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

San Fernando mayor and founding member of Skiffle Junia Regrello and captain of San City Steel Symphony Aquil Arrindell said it will be difficult to raise funds, especially with the state of the economy.

For the 2017 Carnival season, players were promised a stipend of $1,000 but only got $500. In 2018, they were supposed to get $500 but received nothing.

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If panmen boycott panorama, money still flowing to PanTrinbago. Panmen continue to lose and don't have a voice. It's typical of what's happening in panyards across the country. Make pan great again, take 'em back to the 40s.

This is how pan players LOOK knowing they may not be paid after their performance...no "work to rule" clause in effect here. 2018 Panorama Finals Medium (on the track)

Maybe this will bring pan back to the streets of Carnival since they will have to raise funds by bringing out a band on Carnival day.  If the steelbands can come out in force for Jour 'Vert and have huge followings on that morning (think Despers & All Stars) then they can do it alongside the loudspeakers or take different routes on Carnival days. Be self sufficient again.

Panorama is how Steelbands validate themselves today, they'll even do it for free.

TRUE, Cecil Hinkson!!!



Everybody HAPPY!!!


I agree. The can use the streets again, bring out band for the folks simple easy costumes, priced to bring out all the folks whose participation made Carnival work then , and make money for the players like in the fifties, sixties and seventies. Let the bands take the streets and also find ways to record the street music,  especially for us who remember how it was then, the overseas trinis will buy those things that remind us of the beauty of steelband and carnival.

 Since  2011 a graduate  student of UWI  had the foresight to explore the issue'.  The following are extracts from the Thesis. 


                 Human Capital in Steelband Organizations in Trinidad and Tobago

                MSc Thesis 2011 – SALISES UWI ST AUGUSTINE


Purpose of  Study

The major purpose of this study is to examine the extent to which conventional steelbands have skilled persons within their organizational base. The goal is to examine what exists at present as well as probe the prospects for the future. These skills or “human capital” after examination, can be mobilized and developed to assist the organization in becoming more efficient and economically viable, and hence, contribute to either avoiding or reducing an “income gap” or “productivity lag”.  


Background and Statement of the Problem

Steelband organizations in Trinidad and Tobago have been known to be operating with economic challenges and limited certified education and training amongst their membership.  Despite the fact that several avenues have been made available to address various deficiencies, it is suspected that some bands exist with limited internal certified training.

This issue is a cause for concern, as having to continually outsource talent such as arrangers and pan technologists, increases the burden of cost. Tuners that are well-established charge fees that range between  $20,000 to $40,000 for a panorama season.  Renowned arrangers charge similar fees.  New instruments cost an average of $5,000 per unit.  Truck  drivers charge high fees for  transport of  instruments, racks and stands, the majority of which are large, spacious and heavy.

There is also the issue of productivity lag.  Some steel orchestras are inactive outside of the panorama season.  This trend may be attributed to many factors; lack of finances, preparedness, image, motivation and the inability to secure regular lucrative contracts.

Download more here


"Steelband organizations in Trinidad and Tobago have been known to be operating with economic challenges and limited certified education and training amongst their membership."


I've always said change can start from the bottom-up, we are doing our kids a dis-service. There's a need to explore the income potential streaming Junior Panorama. Check-out how many kids millionaires are on You Tube.

E-sports, kids following what other kids are doing, some just watching other kids playing games, advertisers taking note and paying them.

The world's most popular online streamer made close to $10 million (£7.9m) from playing video games in 2018.


What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

@ 07:00 YouTube and the changing role in education...

PT talks of "gimme gimme" , yet expects pan players to gie dem, gie dem.

 more grumble

 even if fees were increased

  maybe even a court action may be in the works

 but panorama will go on



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