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Begin the savannah party at 10am and not 1pm on Sunday 28th

What must be done to persuade the powers that be to begin the savannah party at 10am and not 1pm on Sunday 28th? The fiasco of 2017 where the last band performed at 3am Monday morning to an empty savannah should never be repeated. At an optimistic rate of 5 bands in 2 hours, a 1pm start will see large bands beginning after 7pm. This makes no sense for the patrons or players. Please, please, let good sense prevail and start the semis at 10am so everyone can participate and enjoy the hard work these mighty orchestras put in. Pan Trinbago, I'm counting on you

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Perhaps those in charge need to take a step back, think, even go back to the drawing board and as you say start a show like this at 10:00 a.m.

But there seems to be an attitude of “we in charge “ and “ we doh care about entertainment”.

It’s very clear that they’ve adopted a “ because I can" attitude. There is no reason why a competition like this cannot start at a reasonable time and finish at a reasonable time.

Perhaps TTPS should charge Pan Trinbago more for working after the hours of 11:00 p.m. That may focus the mind. But I know you’ll say but that’s tax payers money anyway. But I say it should come out of the pockets of the Pan Trinbago’s Execs direct. If they haven’t got it, then they are made bankrupt and therefore can’t hold any position of authority in any organisation.

But I’m a dictator so what do I know.

Ha Ha!

All joking aside a new business model is needed for the whole carnival / panorama fiasco.

One which puts the spectator first and entertainment the goal.

Until that is done, no multinational commercial concern will plough any money into making it better.

I can’t imagine any foreign TV station setting aside 14 hours of broadcast time to showcase what many believe to be the zenith of pan competitions.

I’ve seen a lot of live panoramas and carnival parade of bands and just as many on the internet. Currently broadcasts on the Net and TV leave a lot to be desired. But that’s another discussion.

The show in it’s current form is too slow and too long.




... and who is going to go to the SAVANNAH at TEN O' CLOCK ON A SUNDAY MORNING to HEAR PAN?

I would....and so would a whole lot of other folks

Like this.

I remember when I used to get up late, I missed so much of the best times of the day clear blue sky gentle breezes. by the time midday comes and the heat rises yuh free paper bun.

Ha Ha! The early bird catches the fattest worm.

So start at 10:00 a.m. with the medium bands and everything will just flow nicely.

Not like 1965 when we reach de Savannah rain come and washout everything the rain was so heavy even Cavaliers nearly got drowned out. I don't suppose many of you were even born then.


That was 1966 , and we had big fun in the rain, Randi Curvan.:).

And Cavaliers didn't get washed out. They were much more powerful than in 65 , and their "My Brother , your Sister" ( Kitch ) was a big hit on the drag.

Despers won the finals ,though, with Melda.

Oh gosh! age is a deceitful beast! I wonder why I thought it was 1965?

I remember getting absolutely soaked though, and as you said we did have fun!

Great days!

Some of us have been clamouring for this for a very long time.  Let's hope they listen this rounds

Very good idea of an earlier Panorama start time.

That would seem to make sense Daryl.  But...I'll play devil's advocate here

The Savannah party is the "stage" where the most bands in the Medium and Large category get to have the spotlight shone squarely, and for the most part solely, on them. 

Medium bands go first.  Medium bands have made tremendous strides in Panorama over the years where the quality they bring rivals that of the large bands.

A start time at 10:00 am on a Sunday, combined with the luck of the draw, presents the possibility that the best of the Medium bands could be playing to a paltry crowd.  ALL performers....be they in the arts or sports....tend to perform best and are most motivated to perform when there is an audience.  The more audience, the more motivation.  Conversely, the smaller the audience, the lesser the motivation.

So FROM THAT STANDPOINT, a 1:00 pm start is appropriate in my opinion.

Perhaps SOME onus should be on Pan Trinbago to look at alternative formats AND on the bands to setup quicker.  You're suggesting that it's optimistic to get 5 bands in 120 minutes.  That means the duration between a band finishing on stage and the next band starting to play is 24 minutes each.  And that's OPTIMISTIC.  So nearly half an hour between bands.

That's excessive IMO.  Perhaps divide the stage into 2 parts so that say band #1 is on stage 1 and band #2 is on stage 2

Band #1 starts to play and band #2 is already in position

Band #1 finishes playing and moves off.  Within 10 minutes of band #1 finishing their piece, band #2 strikes up

As band #1 is moving off Stage 1, band #3 moves into position on Stage 1 while band #2 is playing on Stage 2

For this to happen, a redesign of the flow of how bands come on to stage will need to happen but it can be done.  Maybe this is not the way to go, but it's just an example of an idea of trying to find ways to improve. 

There's plenty of creativity in pan and pan resources that can utilized to come up with a process that's better than what we currently have.

"But there seems to be an attitude of “we in charge “ and “ we doh care about entertainment”."

Good point , Randi Curvan.

Another issue with the Panorama seems to be that there is almost a single minded focus on the competition aspect , instead of a balanced , well produced entertainment show with competition as one aspect of it..

Forget the start time.

Someone tell me again why semifinals is a whole two weeks before finals.


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