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Beverly Ramsey Moore, Ainsworth Mohammed, Junia Regrello and Michael Marcano all recommend Aquil Arrindell for President but he chose to run as Vice President instead.

Beverly Ramsey Moore, Ainsworth Mohammed, Junia Regrello and Michael Marcano all recommend Aquil Arrindell for President but he chose to run as Vice President instead.


By Aquil Arrindell


‘One of the reasons that Mrs. Ramsey Moore is running for the presidency is that I declined her recommendation to the top spot.’

This, Mr. Arrindell, the former education officer of pan Trinbago, said. He said that, because of his lack of experience, he would not want to do the organization a disservice by running for a position that others might be more suited for. In addition, the organization is 40 million in debt because of the present executive and it would definitely take someone with experience to take PT out of this financial hole. Despite Mr. Arrindell’s reasons, Mrs. Ramsey Moore thought that with the right team around him, he would have been more than capable to do the job.


Passion, grit, intelligence and Mrs. Ramsey Moore even added ‘and you young and good looking’. Though that might have just been her political talk in a bid to convince him to accept the job at that time, she explained that having the right faces coupled with integrity is important for the organization at this time. Mr. Arrindell admitted that over the last two years, they have had regular chats and he is very confident that if she thought that he would make a good president, then she would support him as Vice President although he is not running on her slate.


According to Mr. Arrindell, several bandleaders such as Ainsworth Mohammed (Exodus), Junia Regrello (Skiffle) and Michel Marcano (Renegades) hold the view that he should run for the presidency. Note that this is their personal view and not the view of their band, Mr. Arrindell added. Their reasons were the same as Mrs Moore’s, with the exclusion of physical appearance.

‘Mr Regrello knows me, has watched me grow from a teen to manhood and views me as someone who takes criticisms and advice for improvement. Mr. Marcano and Mr. Mohammed both would have experienced evidence of my grit and determination as the leader of the CIP, mainly when I handled the task of traveling the length and breath of this country for one and a half years to acquire the signatures of 60% of the membership.’


Mr. Arrindell revealed that convincing bands to sign a petition against the executive was an extremely difficult task. Articles, fortnightly meetings, strategies, protests, and building relationships were key to his success. ‘And though I cannot take credit for the completion of the task, I would take credit for keeping the team motivated and resilient.’

Mr Arrindell admitted that he is the only CIP member to have travelled to every zone in Trinidad from band to band (those that would entertain him) to get the petition signed. He said, he not only did it because of the executive’s need to be removed, but also as the leader of the CIP the buck stops with him. If the CIP failed, he would have had to take that responsibility. In Mr. Arrindell’s psyche, failure is not an option and he intends to carry the same attitude to the office of VP.


Although Mr. Arrindell is the youngest member of the CIP, he was elected chairman. Mr. Arrindell said, after the petition was delivered to PT, he sent in his resignation.  It was rejected. When asked why, Mr. Arrindell said he thinks that the older guys have a certain level of trust in his competence and also that they see him as a mouldable individual.

 ‘I understand what a servant-leader role is and I do it well. The next executive has to get all its members involved in the rebuilding of the organization and be willing to carry on the mandate of the membership, whatever that might be. Pan Trinbago is at its worst and we need a group of people who are intelligent and willing to get the job done without excuses.’


Aquil Arrindell is staying positive with the belief that he would be the next Vice President of Pan Trinbago and is asking for your support. He is running with Keith Byer as president and the reasons for that choice; his list of things he would like to accomplish as VP and his endorsement of other candidates would be articulated as the campaign progresses.


Aquil Arrindell

Reporting on 2018 PT’s election.   

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The OFFICIAL NOMINATION date is OCTOBER 1ST. So there will be NO OFFICIAL LIST until after that date.

But quite a few potential candidates who were on the SIDELINE are deciding to run now!!! So it is going to be a BIG FIELD.

Ah tell dem fellahs that NOBODY doh know who KEITH BEYER is but they doh believe me.

One commenter wrote: "When the MEMBERSHIP wants you out, you go!". Not that easy, if the MEMBERSHIP voted you in, then the MEMBERSHIP must vote you out. Comment lacks relevance.

Arguably agreed.  I am not a big fan of undated/resigned resignation letters as they could and would be used nefariously by opponents.  If the PT Constitution and Bye-Laws do not have such mechanisms to trigger a recall vote, then such provisos can be duly explored by a newly-elected administration.  Transparency and Accountability warrants such.


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