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Excerpt from article in the express...

The phenomenon of the steelband is yet to be fully understood and appreciated and its potential as a key component of national development is largely ignored. Some still see it as a quaint musical novelty while others view it as the cultural expression of a particular group in the society.

But apart from the music, there is valuable research material for students undertaking management studies. Although the performance on stage is the main focus, it is the commitment and tenacity of players, tuners, arrangers et al in preparing for Panorama that belie common perceptions of indiscipline and apathy.


• Richard Braithwaite is a
management consultant

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So true! and i don't foresee  any changing of this mindset in the near future. as a people we are stuck in the colonial bubble,we hear words like nation and independence but these conditions are non-existent, just words. we have a  NUMBER OF COMMUNITIES NO TRUE NATIONALITY, that's the root of our problem.


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