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This is big news for Cecil. And for me: Somebody is finally talking about MARKETING STEELBAND MUSIC. But they still need a lot of help from the EXPATS and I don't know if they even know that!!!

"It is also the foundation's objective to include bands from across the globe and to MARKET STEELBAND MUSIC ..."


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Mannette instruments http://www.mannetteinstruments.com/ already have a monopoly on those 700 plus American Schools and Colleges, his graduates from West Virginia are servicing those schools. Pan Tuners and Pan Makers in the Mecca have to create their own registry and build on their client list across the global.

"Conscious Chutney" - ASU Pan Devils & Liam Teague

Under the direction of Alex Fragiskatos, the Arizona State University Pan Devils Steel Band perform Ras Shorty I's "Conscious Chutney" for their Spring 2016 concert. Featuring guest soloist and arranger Liam Teague.

I agree , Patrick. Pan tuning as a skill is not some special gift from the gods restricted to Trinis alone.

If there is money to be made , everyone will be doing it.

And why can't Trinidad Pan makers and Pan tuners travel abroad to work.


I am not asking you to see it Patrick. Take some time find out what is in the repertoire of these bands. It is not a secret. (check YouTube, facebook them)  Contact them and then speak from an informed position.

The biggest problem with Trinidadians is their fear of real facts and data.

And I do agree with you that there is tremendous amount of work abroad.  There is no reason Trinidad tuners should not travel abroad and take advantage of these opportunities.

Having access to a tuner is one of the biggest challenges bands outside of Trinidad and Tobago face. 


bugs: Both you and Tom Brady are showing the side effects of SEVERE CONCUSSION. We may have to take you off the FORUM and take you through a battery of tests before we could let you come back on the forum to bother MR. PATRICK!!!

Great idea! We need more information about its full identity, to include mission, structure, goals and objectives. How will this Foundation be different from Pan Trinbago? Is it a parallel organization? Is it a replacement? etc.

Best wishes.

Classical and jazz music will get more global attention than calypso or panorama music.

Were any other large bands asked to be in the foundation or was this a volunteer-type situation? I'm wondering how Silver Stars which is considered a large band and which certainly has a lot of 'foreign' ties is not included in this 'project' or are they someplace behind the scene?

One small step for man, one giant step for pan.

It's about time the pan people took matters into their own hands.

The logistics of it will be huge but if done properly, it will be a quantum leap forward compared to what has happened with pan over the past years.

The founding members have access to great advice from the beginning, let's hope they take advantage of that and keep away from the self interest and bickering.

If they really do this seriously it could have far reaching implications. The marketing aspect of it has to be well handled, but all of the 'Big 5' are sponsored bands and have access to people who think that way already.

But the purity of the pan has to be maintained.

Pan is unique and it's special.

All the talk about electronic simulators and digital pan is pure nonsense. That has its own niche but can never replace the real thing.

Nobody will pay to go hear a symphony concert played on synthesizers, no matter how accurate the simulation and small pan sides should only be a novelty.

Pan benefits from a minimum number of players, mostly because of the individual ranges of the instruments themselves, but it is the only instrument that can be assembled into a symphonic format using the same instrument.

Most large bands resort to using different types of instruments to create a balanced sound. In a pan orchestra all the musical instruments are the same and they create the sound of the orchestra together.

Small ensembles have their place but the full effect of the pan is only realized with at least 20 players.

Adding other instruments is only a fad or a hook to attract a different audience.

Pan lovers want to hear pan and the further its exploited the more satisfied they are. Whether it's arrangement, speed, complexity, or whatever you judge it by, people want to hear pan played well.

Just as people pay to hear large orchestral music as well as intimate concerts, so should we think about the potential for pan.

Large band concerts, small club ensembles, single pan performances, along with the required tuners, builders, teachers, scoring and transposing, music books, there is so much that can be done with pan.

The remarkable and virtually serendipitous arrangement of the circle of fifths and fourths makes it such an easy instrument to engage with, which is why it has become so popular.

Pan is relegated to the bottom of the heap in its own birthplace, but is revered the world over.

As usual we have not given it its due no exploited it to the fullest. It's almost as if we don't know what we have.

The potential is huge. Just imagine if everyone in the world decided to take up the pan... and why not.

Maybe this is the opportunity that was waiting to be grabbed.

Let's hope they make a good fist of it.


I interrogated my gut on this one, and it tells me, something is not quite right.

In the first place, it's not clear WHO is behind this. Why would they hide that, if not because the consumer of this information would look at the whole thing differently otherwise?

Secondly, the aims of the Foundation appear to tread into areas that are the prerogative of Pan Trinbago. If PT is not performing as desired, there is a constitutionally established procedure to evict the incumbent executive. That would be the proper and principled way to deal with PT shortcomings.

Thirdly, to the extent the aims of the Foundation are those of a commercial music impresario, there is no need to establish a Foundation to achieve those aims. Amral Khan took Guinness Cavaliers on a world-wide tour whenever that was back in the late 60s. No Foundation was necessary. Just put up the money and organization and do it. Take the risk, earn the reward, or suffer the loss.

Therefore, all is not as it appears with the formation of this Foundation.

Therefore, I will go with my gut, and with my nose.

I know it all looks very nice. As the Americans say, "what's not to like!?", Nevertheless, something wrong.

T&T steelband music is indeed a big plum, looking bigger and juicier by the day. There will be those who want to t'ief it, reap what they didn't sow. One way to do that is to do an end-run around Pan Trinbago and the constituency it represents, thereby to secure a near-monopoly, and to gain thereby commercial advantage. I object to that.

Now, I have no problem with a local or even international impresario doing it the old-fashioned way, as did Amral Khan so many decades ago, albeit to apparently no lasting success.

Submitted for what it's worth...

-Big Sid

P.S. I carry no brief for Pan Trinbago, and certainly not for the present incumbents. But I have a thing about principle.

Thanks Big Sid! My exact sentiments. Why do we encourage splinters or tribalism? Go with your gusts, Man!


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