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Birch Kelman, Liam Teague, Brother Valentino awarded National Medals of Distinction

Congratulations to Bertram “Birch” KelmanPan Maker/Tuner—(Culture); Renowned panist, member of the National Steel Band which performed at Expo ’67 in Montreal, Canada and Anthony Emrold Phillip aka Brother ValentinoCalypsonian—(Culture) in each being awarded the Humming Bird Medal (Gold)  - “For loyal and devoted service to Trinidad and Tobago.”

Also congratulations to Liam TeaguePanist/Arranger/Composer, and Associate Professor of Music, Northern Illinois University, USA —(Culture)  in being awarded the Humming Bird Medal (Silver)  - “For loyal and devoted service to Trinidad and Tobago.”


When Steel Talks extends congratulations to all awardees of National Medals in Trinidad & Tobago.  See the full listing http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/168099756.html


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This is great for the recipients ... but does anyone else smell a political rat?



Patrick, We need you on board with the RETIREMENT FUND, this is something we are doing NOW, it's a good feeling to know that you are a part of something that will actually help someone.

Peter we need you to.             www.tricanbooks.com

.......Congratulations to all....very well deserved.......

Peter Gray It will be great having you on board with us with the RETIREMENT FUND, no politics here. www.tricanbooks.com

Congrats ... To my Dear friend Birch ,,,,, You have done well in your career, This I know.

Birch Congrats

 The roots are bitter but the fruits are sweet

Congrats to all the recipients . Well deserved .

iI am going to  start the discussion,now i have read a few comments with regards to the awards, the trinidad express,most were of displeasure,,imagine a journalist ,being awarded,a  dedicated servant to the Steelpan world such as George Sonny Goddard,,len B Sharpe,Birtie Marshall, in short all of those of whom had done their best tirelesssly  from the inception were omitted,ignored,it,s a total shame for those of the Selection Committee to not take into consideration the National Instrument of T&Tcoupled with it,s die hard members who were there in the inception, it seems as though these committee members were not affiliated to or have no experience,or were bias towards the Steelpan world, total victimisation,,, my personal feelings is that this was intentionlly been done,,the appropriate word is ,,conniving,,The Truth,whosoever is displeased with my comment,,bear this in mind,,,LET,S  BE HONEST WITH OURSELVES, i  fear not ,for the truth shall and will always prevail,,we can do as much as we want ,,,BUT!!! not  how long we want,,EVERY  PROFESSION,,POSITION, or AUTHORITY  HAS TO BE VACATED,GUARANTEED,, either by pension,,dismissal,sickness and death which is must for us all ,the censors who may be scrutinizing the comments on WST can bring the message straigh back to their Lords.THE  TRUTH

Jerome .. it is diffilcult to understand what you are really saying specifically unless you can name names ... who deserve such awards and who do not?!!



With respect , Peter go through the list of honourees stated or published in the Trinidad Express and you can be the judge of what i have mentioned,i can see nothing so dificult for you to understand, to the point ,,George Sonny Goddard,,Birtie Marshall an inventor of the double second,,Ellie is still alive, etc,   

 Mr Peter Gray,,The strangest thing is that ,,I DID NOT MENTION ONLY GEORGE SONNY GODDARD,,,,others were also included, But!! the name George S Goddard seems to be poison in your mind, now my opinion is based on facts presented on WST,such as 40 years of sacrifice provided by G S Goddard,,as for Bertie,it is assumed or stated that he was the person that had implemented, the Double Second Pan along with the AMPLIFICATION OF THE SAME,not leaving out Ellie. ,As a blackman,though i now not of what race/origin you are ,it matters not , but whenever facts are presented,i do stand firm , your silence pertaining to the subject matter clearly shows ,,total disapproval and dishonesty on your behalf,,we all do have a right as usal to voice our opinion,i,m not on this website to create havoc,,i,m here as a Panman,a self taught Tuner who do respect the God Given Instrument of T&T,therefore if ever there is injustice i would not stand or hide behind the curtains in closing with respect and no hate i do make my  point.,


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