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Have a blessed day my brother.

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All you beautiful Pan People, you made my day. Cecil, for your Post, you are a true friend indeed!  Anthony, Bede, PAN TIMES, Terry, Kenneth, Ian, Bugs, Glenroy, Corey, Trevor, Salah, Brenda, Matt on Facebook, True,True Pan People indeed, MY PEOPLE!!!

I say to ALL of you, thanks again for your Greetings, Blessings and Well Wishes on this day. I could not have received a better Birthday Gift. We are ALL truly blessed to have a Forum as WST. 

Bertel, Boy -- ah reach late and ah miss yuh Birthday. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY even if BELATEDLY.

Thanks Claude, very much appreciated, you are always welcome! My door is always open to you!

Yea, until he start some mess then you close the door, Ha Ha

Bede: Yuh wicked, boy. One "open door" for me on the whole entire forum and yuh trying to make the man close it.

Well, you know "The Ghost" door will be always open for you so when ever he decides to kick your Tail out you will be around, lol

Firstly, Hapi (Belated) Earth Arrival Day, Mr. Gittens. I wish you many more Earth Days. Bede, the Ghost has neither intention nor power of kicking anyone's tail out...Over these past few weeks, I have come to realize that, though some WST members and I disagree, most of them have a genuine love and "emotional attachment" to our "National Instrument" and our diverse cultures in Trinidad and Tobago. With the recent "Getting Panned..." attack, I have read the comments, and almost everyone expressed open and up-front disgust. One will note, though, that it took a White British woman to highlight the pathology of "White entitlement", or "White privilege", as Tim Wise put's it, which I have addressed since Andy Narell's "Last Word". (Got cussed out for that, too. smh.) So, I only intent to work with like-minded individuals; those who would like to sacrifice mind, body, and spirit towards the goals of reclaiming what is ours. We shared the gift, and it is only fair that we share in the spoils of our labour. Wishing you ALL a great weekend! Especially those in South Florida; safe and fun Carnival. Ghost.

You enjoy the Miami Carnival Ghost if you go, and bring back all the Pan news for us.

It is awesome that where ever two or three Trinis end -up they start ah carnival, but without a heavy presence of the steelband something is lost. The true Trini carnival vibe.

Thank you Ghost for your Best Wishes, it is greatly appreciated.


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