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Have a blessed day my Brother.

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Happy birthday Claude, I wish you a long life

Thanks for all the "BEST WISHES" and "BLESSINGS" everyone. When you get OLD this "other guy" starts getting in the mirror every time you look at yourself and saying that HE is YOU.

I have a birthday wish (that Salah or Ghost might be able to fix): I want to drive down the road one day and start switching stations on the radio ... 49ers football station, Spanish station, Beach Boys station, Rap station, Giants baseball station, Classical music station, Chinese station ....

You all get the drift.

Then the next time I switch: I hear a piece of PAN MUSIC. Not some cameo appearance in somebody else's composition. An original pan composition from a Trinidadian that has crossed into the mainstream radio rotation.

This is my wish before my last celebration of EARTH DAY.

Somehow I feel that BEDE understands this!!!





Claude, I do understand what you are saying, Being able to hear ah piece ah PAN MUSIC (Acoustic pan music, not Phi, not E-pan) "The real McCoy", and be able to say, "you hear Pan, THAT IS PAN", lol 

Hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as you enjoy posting on WST!

Happy Birthday Claude


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