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Happy 82nd Birthday greetings (2017) to the Mighty Sparrow - Calypso King of the World

When Steel Talks extends birthday greetings to the Mighty Sparrow.

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Happy blessed birthday Birdie , still remember your version of do the Hucklebuck .


Hello Sparrow

Happy Birthday to you from Esso Tripoli Steel band "Scratcher man" Courtney Leiba.

From Australia

Birthday greetings Birdie, keep up the blessings. Also, a pleasure working on stage with you here in T&T and abroad.
Happy Birthday Birdie, wishing all health and happiness, and a wonderful day !

Birthday Greetings to you Birdie ( Barbados)

Happy Birthday Dr. Bird. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and give you the strength to carry on. Remember age is just a number.

Happy Birthday Slinger , may you receive good health and strength and the Lord's blessings as you journey along .

Mighty Sparrow ~ Jean & Dinah / Lizard / Melda / Drunk and Disorderly

happy birthday birdie you wont know how much pleasure it gives me to say that despite how many times it seemed impossible,starting with Sinpson,then the two gossipers in '69 then recently,but I'll always remember when you lit up the stage with solomon and slam dunk them with congo man in '65..age what age.."The mighty Sparrow I know is not a mere mortal man but an institution for people to honor for generations to generations no age no number just raw talent...live in peace my brother,you deserve it...Bob Diaz..(shine's brother)

How come nobody mention his age or his date of birth? I believe that he is 80 years old like me. Am i wrong? If so, please correct me.  Tahzann / Curly / aka's

Sparrow going strong at 79

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Sparrow turned 79 on Wednesday but also turned back the hands of time with a riveting performance when his milestone was celebrated with a concert at De Nu Pub (The Mas Camp) in Woodbrook. The event featured performances by popular calypsonians and the cake-sticking tradition, and was attended by several calypsonians and calypso afficionadoes. Maybe it was the lure of Sparrow and his iconic guest performers but from the moment the show was announced most available seating at the venue was pre-booked by patrons calling to make reservations so the concert became a standing-room-only event. Although he had a seat with his wife Sharon, Opposition leader Keith Rowley opted to stand at the bar with friends, dancing and singing along with patrons to every Sparrow item. Apparently catching his ear, one exuberant patron tried taxing Rowley’s knowledge of old Sparrow songs, loudly singing the lyrics of some of Sparrow’s lesser known past hits.


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