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Happy Birthday Bede, may GOD richly bless you.

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You see how Wellington from Panam North Stars and Myself ageing gracefully? This was @ Panmasters Jamboree 05/25/2014


Thank you Brenda, and may you have health and Strength also,

 My Brother Greetings and blessings on your birthday. Thank you for your comments on this board. By the way welcome to the three scores and ten club Guidance Dr. Lance S

Lance. Thank you for the Birthday greetings and I am glad there is a 3 Scores & 10 Club, I just hope there isn't a Fee to Join, lol 

Thks Bob for the greetings, I am starting to like this 3 Scores & 10 Club already, yes I would like to keep on going with the grace of God,

Hope you got your cake from Catherine. Hey Bede , I hear at your age now when you go to clubs and try to pick up women instead of saying Hi Baby , do you come here often , you say Hi Baby do I come here often?
Have a good day bro. Blessings.

Gons, Whenever I  pick up a woman at the club, they tell their friends that I am their Grandfather, lol

Birthday greetings Bede and continue producing the greatly enjoyed music. I played some of it for folks out in the UK earlier this month and they were really impressed.

Thk Gerard for the Birthday greetings, and your likeness of my music is very much  appreciated,

Happy Birthday Bede and enjoy the eight decade of life (lol)

Greetings My bredren: Nah there is no fee for the Three scores and ten club. It is an honor to be alive for so long and to see the changes that have taken place. I wish my pops was around to see the changes; he would have been awe struck. He passed on at 47 Guidance Dr. Lance S


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