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As all eyes are focus on Pan People getting paid for 2016 exodus went and get BJ Marcelle to ruffle up things in 2017, good move XO, looks like thunder coming down in 2017.

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So they added "BJ" to Pelham Goddard?

Something not making any sense here...

This is MY take on this situation, Pelham has been in ah funk lately and XO management feel with "BJ" they could make a better show. I commend the XO people on how they handled this situation. Today no arranger job is secure if they are not producing, loyalty is ah bad word today.

Want to bet B.J. arranging for Nightingales too?...so he really have one and a half Large bands...lol...dey can't fool me...

Does that mean that they FIRED Pelham Goddard? And why is WST showing joint arrangers? And I am not as excited about MIA as you are because that choice of calypso tells me that there will be very little CALYPSO in her arrangement.

There is nothing that says they FIRED Pelham. The band said BJ will join Palham as arranger.

BJ arranging for about 4 bands .

Cecil: Listen to the "ELLIS ROCK" video I just put and pay attention to the comment that Jovan made about our CALYPSO getting too scientific and losing the vibe. About a week ago I put up two songs that I liked without realizing until today (finding this video) that he had produced the two songs (did not even know who he was) giving me the validation that I am not too EXPATTED to appreciate calypso nuance and making my day and my year musically.

I could only imagine what "GOOD MORNING" will sound like as a PANORAMA SONG given the structure of the meter/metre and its easy application to the scope of the PAN.

PANORAMA is not a JAZZ or SALSA or CLASSICAL MUSIC competition. Nor is it a competition to show the world how much music you study. ROOTS is ROOTS!!!

Jovan is the man of the hour I was told, he is putting out the best songs today. The music is losing the vibe because few musicians are involved, there is no more brass and artiste are just singing to a beat, the music is lacking music. Every thing in the Mecca is on a downward spiral. Heaven help.

I like that Back to basic panorama ah wee thing of MUSIC
His brother took over arranging for large band La Brea Nightingales from the Deep South ,so that left him free for Exodus. BJ more than earned his dues in the small and single pan category and off course NY Panorama. So watch that east band from the Eastern Main Road . Providing panorama 2017 is still on !


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