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Neal & Massy T’dad All Stars scored another victory, this time in the “Bomb” competition.


The Panorama 2011 winner copped the Pan Trinbago Northern Region’s J’Ouvert Bomb Competition on Carnival Monday morning at Victoria Square, Port of Spain, with their rendition of “You Are My Special Angel’ to score 287 points.


Winners in the two other categories were Gonzales Sheikers (“Wanna Make Love To You”) with 242 points and Solo Harmonites (“I Wanna Be A Millioniare”) with the 275 points in the Single Pan Band and Outside of the Region respectively.


Bands were required to play a contemporary piece of music in calypso tempo. Judges were Reynold “Pro” Huggins, Hugh Borde and Merle Albino DeCoteau.


The complete of results are as follows:-


1.         Trinidad All Stars                                287

2.         Harvard Harps                                    284

3.         WITCO Desperadoes                          279

4.         Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove              278

5.         CAL Invaders                                      277

6.         Musical Gems                                    267

7.         bp Renegades                                    266

8.         Starlift                                                263

8.         North Stars                                         263

10.       Blue Diamonds                                    256

11.       Gale Stars                                          222



1.         Solo Harmonites                                  275

2.         Sagicor Exodus                                   271

3.         Curepe Scherzando                             255



1.         Gonzales Sheikers                              242

2.         Harlem Syncopators                            236

3.         Belmont Hi Larks                                235

3.         Nuttin Big Pan Groove                         235

3.         City Sun Valley                                  235

6.         Nostrand Symphony                           217

7.         Trinidad Free Lancers                         211


On Carnival Tuesday evening, the Region hosted another competition “Piccadilly on de Greens. Bp Renegades playing “Kitchener’s Melody” won this event with Tokyo placing second. Their tune of choice was Winston Bailey (Shadow) “Dingolay”.  In the Single Pan category, Nuttin Big Pan Groove scored with “Soca Man”.  Curtis Edwards, Junior Howell and Martin Albino served as adjudicators.  Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be presented to winners at the Prize Distribution Function at a date and venue to be announced.


From the newsdesk of Pan Trinbago

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where is Tobago results????
we would never be side by side.Always way behind.
******Congrats to the entire All Stars organization on their accomplishments in 2011. Panorama 2011 Winners and Bomb Competition winners.

Congrats to All Stars, but didn't they win the Panorama in 2012 also? http://www.panonthenet.com/history/past_panorama_results.htm

Seeing as this article was written in 2011 about the bomb competition from that same year...

Thanks Noah, for pointing this out to me, Age catching up with meh, 70 yrs old 

No comment about the Harvard Harps ?? They lick up the rest, including the all the other "big boys" and nearly take All Stars wicket too! Well done Dougie and those who stuck with the band.


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