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He calls on PAN MEN (STEELBANDS ) to join forces and start cleaning up the PAN TRINBAGO LOT in TRIN CITY -- in the hope that the example (HELPING YOURSELF) could lead to HELP FROM HIGHER SOURCES!!!

He called on PAN TRINBAGO to seek out PRO BONO LAWYERS who would pursue  DIAZ and FORTEAU and JOSEPH and SHEPPARD and have them prosecuted for FINANCIAL CRIMES (SIXTY MILLION STOLEN) against the PAN WORLD.

Well I am not going to tell allyuh what he said about all the SAMPLING that took place in the recent PANORAMA -- but I think that WST should call KENNY PHILLIPS and get a tape of the interview and post it on THIS FORUM.

His final appeal -- exhorting the PAN WORLD -- was for all PAN LOVERS (foreigners include) to join forces (Pan Players or not) and help to move the MOVEMENT FORWARD into the GLOBAL SPHERE.

Now everybody knows that I am NOT A BOOGSIE FAN (and now especially because he has so much faith in BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE) but I WAS BLOWN AWAY by his SINCERITY and PASSION.

PHELAM GODDARD, who was interviewed before BOOGSIE, said that he WAS NOT COMING BACK to arrange FOR EXODUS next year. And he berated the 2019 PANORAMA JUDGES -- without MERCY!!!

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Sampling? That's my favorite 2019 Panorama word. I know a band that did so much sampling that the judges couldn't figure out the tune of choice. Are arrangers getting lazy? Sorry, wrong topic.

Mercer: Boogsie made a call to the NATIONAL and GLOBAL PAN COMMUNITY (who claim to love him so bad) to come to the aid of PAN.

But dem fellahs head so buried in the FIFTIES and SIXTIES and SEVENTIES -- they couldn't spare a minute to raise dey head and even consider raising their heads and considering the request. And the man keep repeating that we do not have time to waste we must act now -- but dem fellahs busy ANALYZING Panorama 63 and 65 and 72 and anything PAN ... 39 years and older.


that was a serious interview boy...'He called on PAN TRINBAGO to seek out PRO BONO LAWYERS who would pursue  DIAZ and FORTEAU and JOSEPH and SHEPPARD and have them prosecuted for FINANCIAL CRIMES (SIXTY MILLION STOLEN) against the PAN WORLD'.

This is T&T. The only thing that was serious was the interview.

Mercer: How BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE so quiet, boy? That is a woman who like to beat she chest and boast about how great she is and what she going and do and how transparent she is and ting -- but suddenly she SILENT like ah CEMEETREE AT MIDNIGHT!!!

And BOOGSIE making excuse for BEVERLEY saying she need PLENTY PLENTY TIME to right all the wrongs that DIAZ and FORTEAU do to the ORGANIZATION. THE BEV acting SURPRISED at how bad ting was when I spend years on THIS FORUM repeating OVER and OVER how crooked dem fellahs was.

But, MERCER, yuh know that YOU and BOOGSIE and ME eh have ALL THAT MUCH TIME left on THE CLOCK to sit down and WATCH BEVERLEY spin SHE WHEELS and GALLERY SHESELF and then WINTER turn to SPRING that woman CYAR ACCOMPLISH AH TING.

Ah still SURPRISE that BOOGSIE cannot arouse THE PAN MASSES --  everybody say the man is AH GENIUS. But when is time to get ah BRUSHING CUTLASS and go cut down all that GRASS on the LOT -- man eh have NO TIME for BOOGSIE GENIUS.

Between you and ME (doh tell nobody, eh) ah VEX with CECIL HINKSON because he was the BIGGEST BOOGSIE FAN in the world and now he JUMP OFF the BOOGSIE SHIP and he gone and BACKING DUVONE.

Well, I just happen to think that CALYPSO IS WE KINDA MUSIC and if ah PAN SIDE decide to PLAY A CALYPSO they should make it SOUND LIKE AH CALYPSO and not some EUROPEANIZED HYBRID.

That is just MY OPINION of this PAN MUSIC TING, MR. MERCER!!!

Thanks for enlightening me -- because I take the interview REAL SERIOUS. And at my age -- ah shoulda know better.

I am still a Boogsie fan, nothing can change that, but I'm also ah realist, DUVONE is the man for THIS season...

Pan People know they could pay a landscaper and have the bush removed in a few hours. Their main concern is what happens after? There is no money to do anything, PT concentrating on debt reduction. If PT could put $1mill to start up the building that will motivate everybody .


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