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"The truth is even my original compositions have become a comfort zone and the challenge is to be recognized for extending the boundaries of what exists.

In the end we will all be remembered for pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones. Learning is in what you do not already know or have not already done.

To all not in their comfort zone stay strong."

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Did he ever had to explain his music before? regardless of what is said there are a lot of people who feel he tried to "pull down" Woman On The Bass from the pedestal that All Stars has it on, today we are seeing the repercussion of a botched attempt.


Many times on television and on interviews after a panorama performance, he would give snippets of what he had done. I guess typically Trinis like to create or attempt to create unnecessary controversy. Boogsie tried something different, which went down well and he must be given credit for going out of his own box, He was among the very few who didn't play a tune he arranged before. This guy keeps trying different things, like composing classical music, folk music, etc.This was just another experiment, win or lose, that's who he is. More kudos to him. Does 'Woman on the bass' belong to All Stars.I wonder if any other bands had chosen it, would 'a lot of people' feel the same way and see it as a 'botched attempt. By the way their version only hit the ceiling when it was being played slowly. I dare you to listen to many a slow version of panorama tunes (Youtube) and I bet you'll be surprised. 

All in all the Panorama was great, and special congratulations to All Stars and Pantrinbago! 


Don't bother to engage in debate with that ignoramus C*** H***son! His pathetic dislike of ANYTHING Sharpe does, has become VERY boring! He is an idiot who knows NOTHING about music!

What a C*Ca Ho**

Cecil... Boogsie is beginning to believe his own hype and thinks he is invincible in the pan fraternity. Yes Woman on D Bass is All Stars own. That would be like Smooth taking Woman is Boss from Phase II or Fire coming down for Desperadoes. You cannot do that. That is like sleeping with your brother’s wife. Some things are just not done. Classics are classics for a reason and should be rendered as is and never changed just to try and outdo the original arranger. As I said on a different posting.. Boogsie may be a genius on the pan but a foolish decision maker. That’s what I said at the last Pan On D Avenue when everyone laid down a tempo track with the crowd rocking he came with a slow jam that really sent everyone home, even the commentators question why would he close the show with such a slow rendition. Don’t believe Your Hype!!!!

Martin Maitland, a lot of All Stars supporters taught his decision was confrontational.

Cecil …I didn't realize that Scrunter's calypso "belonged" to All Stars…and so what if it Boogsie's decision to play Woman on the Bass was confrontational…isn't ALL competition confrontational?

merrytones, nothing is wrong with him playing that song,but you and I know their will be a lot of talk about his choice, I'm just saying he could have avoided that.

Yes…but why avoid confrontation…Boogsie is a great politician …you know that too…he has nothing to lose everyone knows of his quality…he thrives in the public space...

merrytones, if others question the use of your gift you are not using it to bless. Sometimes avoiding confrontation is better because the you are still mysterious, when yuh play yuh hand that's it. A poster said yesterday now Smoothe is looking at Boogsie in the rear view mirror and laughing.

Boogsie is a manipulator, one who feels they can manipulate everyone has a problem.

More than that Cecil…didn't Ken Philmore arrange Boogsie's "Fire Down Below" for Fonclaire in 1989?. Wasn't that move just as blasphemous as Boogsie doing "Woman on the Bass" this year?...

merrytones, I don't think there is another tune that could come close in this discussion. Woman is from early 80s All Stars won with it and PEOPLE yes people made it signature with All Stars. anyone that try to adjust the peoples memory has a huge task, failure has devastating consequences. 

Cecil we know each other very well by now…nuff said…I rest my case on this one….


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