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"The truth is even my original compositions have become a comfort zone and the challenge is to be recognized for extending the boundaries of what exists.

In the end we will all be remembered for pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones. Learning is in what you do not already know or have not already done.

To all not in their comfort zone stay strong."

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Doing someone else's tune in the same year is not the same as trying to slaughter the sacred cow of panorama music... the only other song that is so classic and associated with one band/arranger is Rebecca and I can imagine a similar uproar were Boogsie to go after that one.

that being said…everyone is entitled to his /her own opinion….I done…this will go nowhere...


MR. MERRYTONES: What did you think of the EBONY performance? I will take a LONG ANSWER!

Yuh make meh laugh dey boy…lol…Ebony was fantastic!!…a pity Duvonne set up himself to beat himself…but that is another matter altogether…if that is the music Ebony is playing for the England Panorama, I find them very difficult to beat…but then again…is Panorama we talkin' 'bout. Again Cecil, the structure or lack thereof of this International Panorama competition was curious to say the least. I personally am not excited by the final results because the competition made no sense to me…It was like judging ole mas and Tuesday big mas on the same stage...


I beg to differ with your opinion, this has more to do with all the hype that was started here, with the rivalry between Boogsie and Smooth. People’s opinions are based on what they are hearing, the judge’s decision is final and I do agree. If you can remember this arrangement became a classic after they introduced the slow version, which became a trademark of their repertoire. Like all musical standards Jazz, Classics, Gospel or R&B, when we hear a version or interpretation of a song we tend to compare it the original version, putting All Stars version on a pedestal as the standard steelband version of the song is wrong.

I tend to enjoy listening to interpretations of by various singers original works...here's versions of Kitchener's Pan Night and Day....A Tribute to the Grand Master of Calypso Lord Kitchener. A compilation of classical, jazz and panorama style interpretation of the timeless pan calypso classic. Pan Night and Day composed by Aldwyn Roberts (Lord Kitchener)

odw, I'm afraid it don't matter if it's wrong or right, the tune IS what it is, people have invested a lot of sentimental value in it  and they see it as an attempt to change that.

Cecil you are correct on this one. Boogsie thought he could arrange and deliver a better version of All Stars  'Woman on the Bass' winning panorama tune. But instead, he messed up, big time. Smooth is basically looking at him through the rear-view mirror right now.

patrick, there is no damage control here, one has to face the fall-out.

If yuh mess-up the easiest thing to do is admit yuh mess-up and move on.

Cecil I totally agree with you. For heaven's sake, what was Boogsie thinking?

Boogsie contributed his offering of a song popularized in pan by Smooth... because people feel so doh mean it so... why it have to be about Boogsie vs. Smooth this competitive nature we have pulls us down it's ridiculous....I think Phase 2 rendition was excellent I also love All Stars version since 1987 but this who version better than who and who fail to top is just juvenile, petty and corny... there are so many versions of the song "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb... it wasn't about "i'm going to do a better job than Bobby" the artist simply put their spin on a great song and gave it to history... this competition wasn't between Boogie and Smooth it was between T&T and Foreign.    Enjoy the music man or not.


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