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Bravo to Mr. Keith Scotland, MP for Port of Spain South. Happy day for steel bands.

Bravo to Mr. Keith Scotland, MP for Port of Spain South. Happy day for steel bands.

By Aquil Arrindell

Just to be clear, this is not a PNM thing, this is a steel band thing. It matters not what side of the political divide you stand, once you help a steel band, you help us all. We, the members of the steel band community, desperately need representation and for those who bless us we would show that love publicly. We recognize your efforts Mr. Keith Scotland.

Based on T & T’s experience with politicians, the majority of our citizens align the profession with corrupt, greedy, dishonest, self-serving people. Like politicians, most of us view lawyers in relatively the same light. So, when you have a politician who is a lawyer, for grassroots people it is a double negative. Your actions on Friday the 11th of June removed those preconceived perceptions of your character, placing you Mr. Keith Scotland apart from others in your profession.

Mr. Keith Scotland, through members of the northern region, gave over 16 bands in his constituency, five hampers each. Bands were expected to distribute them to the most vulnerable of their members. These hampers would bring much relief to the members of the steel band community in the constituency as the Covid-19 pandemic has been relentlessly unforgiving to us in the entertainment industry. Pan yards are empty and musicians are home without work. The hamper to every family is like an oasis in the hot, dry, sandy desert.

Mr. Scotland, we know you did not need to consider steel bands but you did. Your actions tell us that you are in tune with the kind of community service each steel band does for this country. Your actions tell us that, because of that service we provide, you are willing to support us to in turn continue the work we are doing for Trinidad and Tobago. Your actions tell us that the country voted the right person to represent that constituency. For your actions, on behalf of the steel band community, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. Bravo, job well done!

To all other MP’s, from both parties, I encourage you to help the bands in the constituencies you represent. Be sure to let me know, so we can express our love. Today, Mr. Scotland is the hero and we, the steel band movement, salute you.

Panist to the bone,
Aquil Arrindell

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Great is the PNM, and I continue to be satisfied with their response to the global pandemic as the elected government of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The evidence in the public domain in fact shows that The PNM is experienced in governing Trinidad and Tobago efficiently during epidemics.  During the polio epidemic of 1971 - 1972, a PNM government shutdown this country on the advice of consultant epidemiologists for PAHO out of the CDC in Atlanta Georgia, working with a team of local professionals and stakeholders.

Thank God for the efficiency of a PNM government, who took decisive action on the advice of healthcare scientists and professionals, that generations of Trinbagonians born after 1972, do not know of polio. 

Great is the PNM.


this sounds like    a pnm ad in support of failure

2 me 2.

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I could see it’s not a PNM, nor a political thing, smh. The effusiveness of praise to the deserving is encouraged. Could you repost your response to the SC who gave PT a roof? 


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