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Sometimes, I wonder if people understand the function of Pan Trinbago. Obviously, this "leader" does not, good intentions or otherwise. Oftentimes, I wonder if we all understand what "leadership" means. What does it mean to be a leader? What (exactly) are "leadership" qualities?


Adages and clichés are often hackneyed, but the old saying is (thus) true: Those who forget the past... I'll save you all the boredom of completing this archaic phrase. Regardless, it remains a fact that Pan Trinbago has not had any credible leadership for decades. This is not arbitrary, for in the early 70s, Pan Trinbago became the "bride" of the PNM and its leader. This, the political "booty" of a previous battle between Pan Trinbago's father (NATTS), and her new husband. (And Revelation is fullfilled!!!) However, the groom (a LEADER, nonetheless), never loved his new bride, and the marriage, nothing more than a juxtaposed arrangement. (Yuh mean like getting marrid fuh meh green card? Yes.) A controlling, calculated and calculating husband, who could do his wife anything. Promise her anything for political sex, and when he done with her, she's left there by herself, politically and organizationally illiterate, confused; with no "head" on her metaphoric shoulders. 


Yet another adage: The only thing constant is change. An organization is supposed to evolve; adjust to the opportunities and challenges of time. True leaders are able to mobilize a unified and collective membership into action. Today, there is no "movement". If you're not moving forward, then, in reality, you're actually moving backward, for life and time "tarries not with yesterday". (Cliché.) With forums such as WST, we are seeing all kinds of great ideas, coming from members who are genuine in their search for solutions to the issues and challenges we face as pan continues to move through this 21st century. I hope that we can take this beyond discussion and rhetoric, for, as we see, Pan In Danger!


P.S. Please don't forget to support our local pan manufacturers. BUY LOCAL!


Pant'um - The Ghost Who Talks. (Honoring the legacy of George "Sonny" Goddard.)


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Ah big can of worms, should we go down that street? we will sure learn a lot but what can we gain from it.

Any lesson is a gain, Cecil. As the Prophet says: Pain is "the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." We all know the phrase No pain, no ___.  We ALL need to understand that the steeldrum or pan, is an Afro-Trinidadian invention and contribution, to our arts and culture, which came out of the slave-class rebellious desire to beat their African rhythms. So the banning of skin drums and, eventually, rustic bamboo instruments, led to the beating of steel. This was what Gordon Rohler refers to as the "jamette class", and can be evidenced in today's jab-jab and jumbolase. (Excuse the spelling.) Why are the contributions of people of African descent removed from history? "ALL AH WE IS ONE FAMILEE!! PAN IS AH TRINI TING!" Yep, only because "Black" people invented it. I'm sure 1,000 years from now, a tassa drum will still be considered an East Indian instrument, and chutney as Indian music. It's not just even pan. Carnival is now being advertised as a Caribbean festival. Don't get me wrong, I love all my Caribbean neighbors, just as much as I love my East Indian Trini family. But, day by day, Trinidad & Tobago is being written out of history's memory when it comes to Carnival. A process that has already been done to the "black man", with his invention of THE SINGING DRUM. Pan.

Learn to embrace Africa's and her Diaspora's rich history and culture. You will gain your freedom from racism, prejudice, and modern falsification. Ase.


P.S. This was painful for me too.

One cannot and must not run away from the truth,,,it,s as simple as that,,,.we can run ,,we can hide ,,,but as another day dawns ,,it,s right up in our face ,,never ending until we face up ,,,admit and rectify what is wrong,,simple.

Exactly, Jerome. BTW - Know what I had for lunch yesterday? Roti. I support my East Indian family, who embrace all people. That is why the only roti shops I go to in South Florida are those where I really get a feel that they genuinely love people. The first time I went to the Coal Pot, over 15 years ago, the owner Jameel was very welcoming, and people from all backgrounds would lime there. He would play reggae, calypso and soca, pan music, and of course, chutney and Indian music. He was very proud of his East Indian heritage, but he shared it with love, and embraced other people's cultures and religious beliefs. One thing I have noticed here, is that the only Trinis I hear using the C-word, are East Indian; the word "Coolie" seems not to offend Jamaican East Indians, and "yardies" use it freely. I am different. My parents brought us up differently, and my three brothers and I, had (and still have) friends of every ethnic and socio-economic background. Closing this topic, I leave ALL a link to one short "poem" that describes my views on "race" and racism. We are more than panists/pannists; we are agents for positive social change. Ase.


This is my history.certain food that i never ate at my mothers home ,,,i  ate  at the indians home and had slept there also as a  youth,,i was brought up between indians in guyana,,,had and can still play,, arrange and train individuals to play indian music on the steelpan entirely,,,,now here it comes,,from day one ,the only person that ever took part in these discussions was PATRICK  RAMDOO,i do presume that he is of indian origin,,further i had stated that JIT   SAMAROO,,,LEN  B  SHARP,,the professor,,,,ALL STEELPAN TUNERS   AND   ARRANGERS  OUGHT TO  BE  HONOURED  BEFORE THEY   DIE,,DEAD,,DEAD,,DEAD,,,,for of what use  is it  to honour someone when they are already  deceased,,,,,they can enjoy no fruit of their hard labour,,,,,,going further,,i,m not on this site to play games and to withhold the  the truth,,,as a father  and grandfather of grandchildren,,namely  of indian,,,,negro and amerindian parentage,,i cannot discriminate  for i,m the owner of all my kids and grand  kids,,ONE BLOOD,,,what is portrayed on this  website relevant to the steelpan is no support or comment by any indian individual,,,,only Patrick Ramdoo,,,for verification of all of my comments or blogs ,,anyone can review my blogs,,the main and or the forum,,,,,,THE   GHOST THAT SPEAKS   ,,,DO  SPEAK  THE TRUTH,,,,and as a TRUE PANMAN,,i do support THE GHOST THAT SPEAKS,,,the days of slavery is abolished,everyone is free to speak their minds,as long it,s the truth,,i do speak for all steelpan players,,arrangers ,, supporters  and tuners,,,,the truth shall set us free,,,,,there is more to come,,god bless us all,for with him  we are nothing,,,god bless.  


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