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"Co-produced by Stonetree Music's Ivan Duran and Drew Gonsalves from Kobo Town, with Manu Chao sprinkling his magic on several tracks, Far From Home is a joyous, turbo-charged update on calypso tradition for a 21st-century global audience, Rose garnishing her sweet-and-spicy calypso/soca sound with rhythms and melodies from Africa, Central America and across the Caribbean," wrote Nigel Williamson on the magazine's website.

For years I have been urging the STEELBAND PEOPLE in LAX  to come to EXPAT LAND and find a HIGH LEVEL music producer and BIG THINGS can happen. And to be honest, that FAR FROM HOME album was VERY LAME in terms of what I know we could produce when it comes to CALYPSO/SOCA for the GLOBAL MARKET.

But we need to work with AMERICAN MUSIC PRODUCERS both with SOCA and STEELDRUM MUSIC if we want to move the music forward. This is the last time I am saying that on this forum!!!


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I could not agree with you more hit the nail on the head,


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