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Liam has the song and the players and the musical skills and the organization to win Panorama 2016 but I cannot see it happening. With his EXPANSIVE musical knowledge he does not have to hide behind over-used runs and chromatics. But ALL STARS is always the political favorite and Boogsie has to be given his due because of his "GENIUS" status.

Lots of PAN FANS have rated DUVONNE STEWART heir apparent to the PANORAMA THRONE. But this forum has praised AMRIT SAMAROO to no end and have high expectations for him.

Pelham Goddard seems like the early favorite because of HIS SONG this year (and proven musical ability).

The winner should come from that list.

If you understand Trinidad, it will be POLITICALLY INCORRECT for LIAM TEAGUE to win this PANORAMA. So it looks like when the roulette wheel stops ALL STARS may just be champs again with their STIFF, RECYCLED, NON-MELODIC music.

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Ok people don't forget there is a new kid on the block with the ability to upset the apple cart.

All top bands have good arranger's,let's not write them off, without first hearing them.that's the way we judge them.i am a duke street fan and I always listen to the competition before giving my views.l'am not span player but I am a pan lover

Whasi boy, I eh writing off EXODUS!!! Dat is meh FAMILY BAND!!!.  But after 50 years, OUT OF TOWN bands have a VERY LOW win percentage.


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