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Liam has the song and the players and the musical skills and the organization to win Panorama 2016 but I cannot see it happening. With his EXPANSIVE musical knowledge he does not have to hide behind over-used runs and chromatics. But ALL STARS is always the political favorite and Boogsie has to be given his due because of his "GENIUS" status.

Lots of PAN FANS have rated DUVONNE STEWART heir apparent to the PANORAMA THRONE. But this forum has praised AMRIT SAMAROO to no end and have high expectations for him.

Pelham Goddard seems like the early favorite because of HIS SONG this year (and proven musical ability).

The winner should come from that list.

If you understand Trinidad, it will be POLITICALLY INCORRECT for LIAM TEAGUE to win this PANORAMA. So it looks like when the roulette wheel stops ALL STARS may just be champs again with their STIFF, RECYCLED, NON-MELODIC music.

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There is a good reason why king, JAMES was called the learned fool you can bhave all the musical background and that would not make you a good arranger or composer you have to learn those skills you have to put that time in Look listen and lots of practice, trial and error (the practical is always what count the theory is always use as the guidelines) if you listen to the great classical music they are mostly built on run, chromatic runs and scales and any other thing the composer feels or inspiration he or she gets at that time and no one in the past or present criticize those composer, so once again reading music and knowing a lot of theory would wouldn't make one a great Panorama arranger, to be good at anything you have to pay your dues /practice, practice, practice, practice it is what it is you have to master your craft create your style and there is nothing wrong with other people style it helps you to create your own style of music and try not to over arrange learn to properly voice your music keep it simple for example listen to take Take 6 and stop being so critical some of the greatest music in the world is so simple and we have some of the best arrangers in the the and they don't read or write music be thankful for what we have

Good post Andrew. But we EH TALKING about classical music!!! We talking CALYPSO and CARNIVAL!!!

Stiff, Recycled, Non-melodic music is what the judges and people like, to win panorama they have to "out-do" All Stars and this is not easy to do.

PS there are two basic part of music and they are Harmony and Melody music have to have them in order for our listening please and for dancing, meditation ("etc,) you may not like a band or arranger and that is OK to our like and dislike so your try and take 12 tone (chromatic scale) and arrange a panorama song for 8 minutes and keeping it interesting and not boring, when I want to listen pan jazz I would listen Andy Narrel/Rap Robertson. respect to the late Mr Rap Robertson. Panorama is not a concert.at Panama the Bands have to perform at their very best in order to win and in any type of competition you have to perform at your very best to win, and most of the critics are living abroad and are not there to rely enjoy the performance we are viewing on the Internet or paid preview and are making the most. negative comments.

Just as Andrew said, Voicing is the most important part of all Music, a lot of these Bands error is their Voicing,

What exactly is a concert,Andrew?

Claude you didn't get the memo.  All Stars tune says "Leave We Alone".  LOL 

But seriously the 2016 panorama champ will come out of these bands you have listed.. Any band outside of these would constitute a major upset. I believe Pelham Exodus has to be in the top three.  Their song is very strong.

I'm not sure about Silver Stars. I don't know if their players are willing to work as hard as Exodus and All Stars. That is an advantage XO and All Stars will always have. 

I don't know about Phase II. I'm tired of Boogsie's tunes. His song writing is boring and amateurish. Duvone hasn't done it yet.


Actually, Bugs, I love polemic writing by nature (no surprise to you!!!) so I enjoyed the lyrics in "Leave We Alone" if not the melody. But I can hear how the music is SET FOR THE PAN and the ALL STARS PANORAMA PACKAGE!!!

I Will Speak from the Heart Panorama Nowadays is Not About Good Music. Its About a Lively and Choreograph Show that is Held on the Saturday Before Carnival. Music is not the Main Agenda, Its flair and Gallery by the Pan Players and Most Time Re-cycled Piece from Previous Years. Panorama in todays Society is a Big Joke. Its always between Two Bands and their Arrangers. There is No Creativity in Panorama anymore. We Should Thank Master Jit Samaroo - Masters Clive - Jit Samaroo  and Ray Holman for their Contributions and Live of the Memories of Beautiful Pieces. Panorama Has Lost its Way. Even Liam Teague Music Will Fall By the Way.

All Stars are going to be Panorama 2016 Champs; the competition is for 3rd place and descending. I’m going out on a limb here, the law of statistical probability dictates. Only two bands hold a monopoly on the 1st and 2nd place and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

1. 2005 Phase II – Trini Gone Wild
2. 2006 Phase II – This One For “U” Bradley
3. 2007 Trinidad All Stars – Pan Lamentation
4. 2008 Phase II – Musical Vengeance
5. 2009 Silver Stars – First in Line
6. 2010 Silver Stars - Battle Zone
7. 2011 Trinidad All Stars – It’s Showtime
8. 2012 Trinidad All Stars – Play Your Self
9. 2013 Phase II – More Love
10. 2014 Phase II – Jump High
11. 2015 Trinidad All Stars – Unquestionable.

odw: Nice choice of words -- 3rd Place and Descending!!!

If the breeze in the savannah blow too hard that night it could push the roulette wheel from ALL STARS to PHASE II ... doh tell meh another 3rd Place for Duvonne.

The law of "statistical probability" is sometimes called "politics".


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