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It Has been Long Said that Panorama is Killing Pan ''But''

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Val, I say a big YES, PAN will survive without Panorama.  However, 75% of the Single Pan Bands would not.

I agree, the demands of judging criteria has killed the competition. we should return to 12 large bands no more than 200 players. 12 medium bands up to 100 players. 12 small bands up to 50 players.

Maximum playing time should be no more than 7 minutes and if possible limit the tempo to 120 bpm.

As far as single pan bands are concerned, I would have more pan on the road events like St James We Beat and Borough day. 


I agree but 8 mins
I say NO. People comes from all over the world to the Meca of pan, and they come for Panorama, only Panorama. We who lives abroad will not leave and go to any pan event in Trinidad, also the young people pays attention to pan only around Panorama. Check out the people that follows pan on Trinidad, it's mainly older folks. The young people wants nothing to do with our culture, and we depends on them to carry it on.

carlton "The young people wants nothing to do with our culture, and we depends on them to carry it on." This is so not true,the majority of players in most of the bands are young people.I attended a Pan show last weekend and young people comprised about 70% of the players.

Please remember our young people didn't drop from the sky,they came from us,so we (older folks) are responsible for whatever they learn and/or adopt. 

Panorama is a great tradition, but like everything else it needs to change with respect to criteria and judging in order to remain vibrant. It must not become monotonous, but the relevant stakeholders and committees must always be considering how to keep Panorama interesting, effective and current.  Of course our national instrument must not be confined to annual Panorama competition. Young stakeholders must be encouraged in every aspect of steelpan development, since the older leaders will not be there forever.

I have felt the arrangements, though amazingly complex and hard to play (not to mention increadible to look at) have been kind of like 'Pearls on a String', with barely fathomable musical structure at times (as a whole). It isn't down to the bands, or arrangers, but the 10 minute length of pieces. Recently I have preferred to listen to Panorama pieces outside of Trinidad (NY, London) as the pieces seem to have a lot more melody to them, though less 'flare' if I can put it that way. However, these are the pieces which keep me coming back, as they incorporate musical styles that are wider spread and more accepted by Joe public. For me, Panorama needs to be simplified, the style and range of music opened a little, and some concrete marketing done to promote sales of CD's/DVD's which incorporate the music. People need to know that Pan is a versatile instrument and can be used in many genres and for many styles. ONLY then will Pan move forward.... (in my humble opinion, though I feel less qualified than most here to make such a claim).

Val ..My question is can TT survive without the steelbands historic (social/cultural/economic) inputs in the communities?

Pan is an instrument that would survive,competition or no competition.....but Panorama provides an opportunity/release to many persons for many different reasons.The "Greens" is a classic example of grasping an opportunity.

Here again the competition becomes the focus,instead of instrument/bands that makes the competition possible.....It's like No Olympics,so we not running,swimming,etc.

What Some of us don't understand. Panorama has Stood the Test of Time and is Still Strong. So Strong that Sometime in August there is going to be an International Panorama Competition in T&T. Gone are the Days of Steel bands playing in Fetes, even the Bomb Competition on J'ourvert Morning is Dying Slowly - Pan 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane appears to be on their way out. All We have is Panorama. I said it before if there was no  Panorama, Pan would of been in ICU barely Surviving. Long Live Panorama. The Heart and Soul of Pan. Take away Panorama and see  How much Foreigners will visit for Carnival.This is the Main Reason that the Government Supports Panorama. ''May Almighty God Bless - Guide - and Protect Our Panorama''

Val,which came first the Pan or Panorama?.......which experienced more birthing pains,Pan or Panorama?

Now, which have been mostly attended too,by those who held/hold offices in Pantrinbago, Panorama or Steelbands/Pan?

If the status quo remains the same,of course one can probably conclude, that without Panorama,Pan would die......except the world hates a Vacuum. 

Valentine Young, when you think of it, without Carnival Panorama is Dead, to prove that, lets wait and see what happens in August with the International Panorama,

Bede: You and Cecil and Errol and Oswald and ODW and Valentine and Merrytones and the Jordan fellah have dis forum jumping again. I like that. Even new posters kicking the ball. A pan platform like this should be maximized 24/7.

But PAN doh need no PANORAMA. PAN needs a good ADMINISTRATVIE BODY and then CREATIVE IDEAS will follow. That August Panorama was just another scheme to fill the coffers of PAN TRINBAGO and it eh have nothing to do with PAN PROGRESS. Nobody eh interested in NO PANORAMA in AUGUST.

Ama Belfon done explain that whole façade to allyuh.


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