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It Has been Long Said that Panorama is Killing Pan ''But''

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He "deleted" himself from the Forum completely, all his posting gone. Ah think Claude set him up.

 As Sparrow would say "any port is for a storm".....

Because the accusation was SO RIDICULOUS and the PARANOIA so glaring. I used the term "chased off" figuratively. But when you boil it down -- he was chased off or discouraged from expressing his honest opinions. And, by the way Cecil, if you read the thread C-A-R-E-F-U-L-LY you will see that there was no CODED messages. Only in your imagination.

Claude, I said you were kantankarous, never said anything about coded message. ain't imagining shit.

Go back and read your response to the original discussion!!!

Boi, I think you are miking up what was said here and what was said on another thread.

Mr. Hinkson: I don't like to write long passages on this forum, but you are forcing my hand here. We happen to be on this thread, but it is the same discussion about the exchanges that made Errol leave. Let me begin by saying that in the same manner that you and Bertel and ODW misread Errol, YOU are now misreading me. I am not being cantankerous (it is a regular dictionary word not a Trinidad word); I am being extremely earnest: Errol was chased off the forum.

[I have to digress here because it seems that we have some "Non-Trinidadians" (I put those quotes for a reason) who do not understand the vernacular. When five men liming under a lamppost in Trinidad and suddenly four of the men start to pick on the fifth guy, maybe even bringing him close to tears, he leaves the lime and he goes home. The next day somebody will say to him: I hear dem fellahs chase yuh home last night. So it is in that TRINIDAD context that I used the word "chase" and I stand by it.] 

Now, I was not a part of the discussion that broke the camel's back; but I was reading and vicariously enjoying the exchange. I only came in when I thought that it crossed the line and Errol was being unfairly attacked. I was busy that day with BASKETBALL FEVER which I made quite clear. But I did throw in my two cents here and there. At half time in the game I came back to see what Errol had to say and when I saw that he was waiting for my comments, I cryptically said that primetime basketball was on implying that I had no time now to address the issue. You assumed that it was some kind of secret code between me and Errol and took offense. I don't know how you could have read all those postings and assumed that Errol and I have anything is common. We see life through entirely different lenses. I like calypso; ODW likes calypso -- but he and I see interpret calypso in a completely different way. That does not mean that discussion cannot continue between opposing opinions, But from the very first time I came on this forum I have complained about the UNIFORMITY OF THOUGHT that is demanded as if this is NORTH KOREA WEST. Anybody who comes on this forum and fails to SING PRAISES TO THE PAN NIGHT AND DAY is seen as a pariah and becomes ENEMIES OF THE STATE OF PAN. Free speech and freedom of opinion take a backseat on this forum. (Look at Valentine constantly accusing people of demonizing panorama.)

Pedantic Errol blindly fell in the trap. But Errol was a breath of fresh air to me. His sin was asking questions and reflecting the ideas posted back to the posters and not singing the praises of the pan loudly enough. So allyuh cut the man throat. I don't like that.

I have advocated for greater participation on this forum from the numerous readers (non-posters). Finally a "good man" comes on the forum and joins the fray and allyuh discouraged him from further participation -- we call that chasing him off in the Trinidad Lingo.

Further discouragement for anyone on the sidelines to come on and have some meaningful discussion about pan because they might get cussed out or abused or CHASED OF THE FORUM like EEROL. 


Errol was chased off dis forum??? Yuh mean he run off !!!  D heat up he backside was too much!!! TELL ERROL I Bertel Gittens SAY SO!! He coward!! Dis forum aint fuh cowards!! Anybody leave here is because dey COWARD!!!!

Bertel: Since allyuh keep hashing and rehashing these NEW VISIONARIES over and over I was going to write up a little passage on the motivation (political ambition) behind the RISE AND FALL OF THE NEW VISIONARIES. But after ah see what allyuh do POOR ERROL ah turn COWARD, boy.

Cecil: I eh demonizing nobody. That word is too strong given the exchange. But as they say in certain American circles: I calls it like I sees it. Ah was planning to get Errol email address but allyuh EX-OUT the man before I could even establish a line with him.


Claude, yuh should still write about the rise and fall of whoever. Ah bet after yuh write nobody aint go run away with tail between dey leg. All d COWARDS leave d forum already.

Mr Gonzales, So cantankerous is a real word and spelt with a C you are never too old to learn. You seem hell bent on demonizing odw, Bertel and myself for "chasing" Errol from the forum which was not the case, HE choose to leave and you know that. For the record there was only one area where we had a disagreement and it was on the topic of the GREENS MONEY. At this point I have no intention of doing the tit for tat with you because it is non productive , 

I'm not going to comment on this post, since I've written so much on this issue, and you all know how I feel about it.

However, on the subject of ECL , however, I recall his last post was about pan people being "obsessed " with money , and he was immediately attacked.

I guess he chose not to respond.

Now, "obsessed " may have been a bit strong , but his point was worthy of discussion.

We all know that pan people have been robbed and exploited over the years , but we should also know that over the years bands have broken up under the assumption that members were robbed by leaders .

In retrospect , there may have been some instances of dishonesty, but for the most part the worst the leaders should have been accused of is poor accounting practices , given the costs of bringing out a steelband, especially an unsponsored one.

After carnival, we all thought that there was more money in the pot than there probably was , looking back, but that caused the band to split.

This may or may not apply to today's situation buy it is worth some consideration .

Glenroy your post highlights a very important point that must be considered going forward. The interest of the players is different than the interest of the bands and management. An organization that represents the players interests needs to be established immediately.  Without such an organization pan players will continue to be taken advantage of.

I am interested in hearing how the New Visionaries plan to deal with these inherent conflicts.


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