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Candice Andrews is a Boss of the Steel PanTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - At just 36, she is the youngest & first female Captain of the world famous BP Renegades. Even at her young age, she already has 21 years with Renegades under her belt. Her status in the band has clearly been earned through commitment, determination & hard work.

As a child, Candice's grandmother's home was right next to the panyard on Charlotte Street (now an army base) and she very often played there. But her real introduction to playing a pan herself came at school, Woodbrook Government Secondary, where at age 15 she learned to play the national anthem on a steelpan. The accomplishment encouraged her, and that very year she officially joined Renegades.

In addition to playing, she also steadily worked her way up through the ranks of administration, first as a committee member, then Assistant Secretary, Secretary, Vice Captain and then Captain (now in her second term of office).
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We need more young ladies like her God blessing b with u @ all times keep the faith stay strong

Well done Candice, I was wondering who was behind the band last year, very impressive! Keep it the great work. 

You probably don't remember me, I was the white boy on the bike and Nine bass for Bee's Melody in 1992. 

Hi Nigel,

I met you up in Lopinot last year - you coming again this year?

Wonderful to read and know about this young woman. May there be more.

So good to hear a story like this.  Kudos to you Candice and I hope that there are many more young women showing their worth in the Steel band industry.  We are great organisers and often have a calm and concise view of things which we really need right now in Pan. 

Good work. We need more women captains to take charge of steelbands



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