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July 21st
Caribana Greetings!

By way of formal introduction, I am a photo-journalist accredited with the ScotiaBank Caribana organization. For the past 10 years I have been photographing the carnival events around Toronto with special emphasis on the King and Queen Show, Pan Alive and the Parade of Bands.

I believe Caribana needs to be much better publicized outside of the city and to that end, I usually promote the images to international media and venues. I am seeking your permission to do the best I can to give your mas and panists as much publicity this year as possible. The city provides only so much, but the more the world can see you, the better you will be able to attract visitors and nurture your bands.

Please spare a moment to reply to the email below. Just a short note, saying 'yes' or 'no' to our request to photograph and promote your creations and steelbands.

Each photograph we use will have your name and your contact number should any potential sponsors and members wish to contact you for 2010.

May we hope for a favorable reply no later than July 27th, 2009? If you have additional questions, please contact us as soon as you can.

Website: www.commessuniversity.com
Email: info@commessuniversity.com

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Did you go under York Mills Road; the bridge before Don Mills Road, or did you get to Atlantic ave at the dead-end street to hear and see the Steelbands getting ready for pan alive. Do you know only 10 steelbands are allowed in the parade. Its about time the rest of the steelpan world see what is happen in not only Toronto but Canada.
I'm not in Toronto yet. Coming in on Wednesday.
I agree it's about time something is done and I'm trying on my end. OSA was created to look after the interests of the panists. If they are not, it begs the question, why are they still operating as the spokes-organization for the pan community?

I'm a big fan of removing obstacles, even if it was I who created them. I learn, I adjust, I move forward even if I have to take a step back in order to do so. Each year the steelbands get less and less respect from its own governing body while the instrument itself gains more and more ownership and direction from OUTSIDE the community.

The steelpan world already sees and knows what is happening in Toronto, Canada, the world. We have lost stewardship, I daresay, we gave it away.

Scotiabank got a sweet deal papa...without firing a shot.


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