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having read my e-mails this morning, I could not help thinking about those poor people who waited up to 5 hours at the airport to clear immigration. Well done to those managing a prime front of house spot. This is the first impression tourist will get of our beloved country.

Who is responsible for the fiasco?
It seems someone forgot to explain to these immigration officers who did not attend work for what ever reason that when people visit your country, there are certain expectations that are foremost. 1st impressions matter.

How many will return? How many will say to their friends " I would not go there if I were you".

I remember one year after landing at Piarco, we were locked in a stairwell for about 15 mins. No air conditioning, could not go back or forward. Someone forgot to open the doors at the top of the stairs so a plane load were stuck in the heat.

This year apparently, only 2 officers were on duty.  Airport Authorities blamed Immigration, Immigration chiefs offered not comment.

I would scale back for carnival 2018 if I were in their shoes. There may not be many visitors next year.


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For the past 5 years, I have stood in line for several hours to clear customs.  During Carnival season, more officers need to be hired.  

Is anyone listening...or doing something about this problem, who's responsible???

Does the term "quality of service" mean anything or SLA's  Service Level Agreements???

Father Knows Best - The Right Honorable Dr Eric Williams

But this is not the same man  'deaf fe' who created half day school?

How much TOURISTS allyuh see in this video?


Ferguson said that social media reports of angry visitors walking out of Customs without their luggage being checked were false. He said that the problems at Immigration were not new. “We have had meetings with Immigration and pleaded with them to improve the situation.” Newsday spoke with other airport officials who confirmed the chaos but referred this reported to Acting Chief Immigration Officer Charmaine Gandhi- Andrews for further comment.


Too many SLACKERS in the land, the reason everything falling apart.

The man in the picture above is partly responsible for this mentality. Wasn't he the one who said oil doh spoil?

anyway I hope I can enjoy the panorama later if someone streams it.

My father used to say"those who can't hear will feel," he was not a perfect man but he understood fatherhood, today I'm still mindful of those words. Life Lessons...Pan in ah Rage soon come.

Who is responsible for this fiasco, you asked? Could be Kamla, but it may have been some lazyass immigration ppl who decided to make T&T look bad. Good job, guys!
The Minister of National Security says its normal or normel and it happens all over the world, so it's okay folks. Deal with it.
Expect the same normalcy next year. What a load of crap, fix the damn problem instead of giving excuses about delays in London, USA or wherever. Fix the problem or ban the carnival.

People talking about what happens in 'developed' country. Well, i may not have traveled as others on this forum. However, technology has drastically reduced waiting times at these airport. T&T has, or had money. We can invest in tecnology.


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