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Cecil Hinkson: Is our time now!!! All you need is a good MUSIC PRODUCER and the right ear and you could make GLOBAL PAN MUSIC (GRAMMY QUALITY)!!!

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Sidd.I don't know where you got the idea that I said the PHI and the E-PAN actually made pan sounds.I said." it would be interesting to compare them.".....since they all sampled real instruments,but most likely with different hardware and possibly with different software....there would surely be differences in tones.....I should add Indigisound which has a great library.....Soniccouture also has some steelpan samples

I had the great fortune of being taught to build amplifiers,with ECC 83s and EL 84s,6L6s,KT88s,which saved my parents from providing all of college school books and uniforms,so I think I understand the rudiments of electronics and sound reproduction. 

"Bertie Marshall and Ellie Mannette videos or writings you will be convinced that they were building an electronic instrument." Sidd, having been up close and personal with Bertie playing his Bertfone,I saw a pan that was amplified,with the player having the ability to manipulate the sound using mechanics as those found in acoustic pianos and organs.I should also tell you that there were other people amplifying pans at the very time Bertie was doing so,thought not as intense,and surely not as sustained,

You are quite naive to believe that synthesizers which have been around since the 50s would be around and the Pan would disappear.

In Pan!

Oswald: Yuh missing the main point!!!

Claude and that is?


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