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Cecil Hinkson: Yuh is ah REAL GENIUS!!! Yuh stay quite in MONTREAL and figure out that HOT SUN TING in the NORTH PARK

Cecil: I have to tip my hat to you, boy. This morning ah see yuh complaining about the HOT SUN in the savannah and you was quite in MONTREAL.

Next thing yuh know ah reading ah article about how much BLUE WATER sell yesterday because the SUN WAS SCORCHING HOT.

Ah want to come MONTREAL and let yuh read my palm and tell me how much more years I have to live because it look as if you have GLOBAL/COSMIC VISION.

But ah want to know how GYPSY and DOLLY and BEVERLEY did not know that -- and dey living dey -- they was going to leave all dem people to BURN in the HOT SUN -- for A FEW DOLLARS MORE!!!

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Win­ston “Gyp­sy” Pe­ters is such an A-Hole instead of saying to the media holding his hands up and saying sorry I f**K-up, we tried something and it didn't work. he is now trying to say he had more good reviews than bad on the North Park. Face facts Gypsy...You lost more money then you saved and you know it for a fact. Trying to justify your failure saying

“I heard a whole lot of com­pli­ments. I heard a whole lot of per­sons com­pli­ment­ing the North Park. They liked what they see, they en­joyed it, they had a good time. And then there were peo­ple who did not like it - as ex­pect­ed in life. It mat­ters not what you do in life, you're nev­er go­ing to please every­body,” Gypsy said.

"Any­thing that you do, peo­ple would find some­thing about it be­cause peo­ple don't like to move away from their com­fort zone. Peo­ple are afraid of the un­known you know?”

You are a grown man sounding like a 10-year-old who lost his toy and was afraid to tell his parents.
The north stand had a purpose and we will soon find out how furious the wind could be when the kings and queens try to cross the stage... Maybe that million dollars he said he saved he is going to pocket. Beverly, however, is deeper in the hole to find money lost on the semifinals and what will be lost on the finals.


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