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I think that Panorama Format should be changed. Instead of having the Finals for Medium & Large  Bands which is too long and drawn out. They should allow only Large Bands who will Play Two [2] Pieces like how it is done in the Festival. Tune of Choice and a  Test Piece Calypso Piece for like six minutes, it will save a lot of time. Judge both pieces and add both scores and the highest score become Panorama Champion..

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Why 2 pieces? judge the 10 bands  with I tune and let people go home.

Val, Can the tune of choice be any type of tune? If so, Claude Boy would stand a chance (Andy) but if the Tune of Choice is not a Calypso then you will be killing Our Kinda Music, Panorama have to be Our kinda Music. We are Trinidadians with a Melodic accent and we have Rhythm

I agree with you that it is too musically long and gets boring after some time but I also think that Panorama is more than a musical event.  Panorama is a lime, a festival, a gathering, a place where people meet and share music, pan, rum, old talk.  It's also almost the only place where panmen and panwomen gather in large groups and bask in the warmth and admiration of the public.   Because of this I don't see it changing much soon.  Not until other equally successful ways of exposing the pan are devised.

I also think one song is enough and that it should be a calypso from the year in question.  

Good question, thanks for bringing it up

Absolutely not! What are you saying to the medium bands then? That they are not for to share the stage as the large bands? For a very long time there wasn't a category for medium and small. 20 large bands registered for Carnival 2014 and 5 decided to move down to medium so once again large bands (most) will play a verse and chorus bcus they won't be judged and go straight to the semis. Isn't this killing 'our kinda music' as Bede Lopez said? Come on, what you're proposing is two songs to be played on Finals night for the large bands, this is the same two songs (1 a pc) medium and large are playing. Why only focus on the large bands in the Finals on Carnival Saturday? The real competition is in the medium category anyway. We need to get out of this large band mentality and focus on ALL the bands. Many of you who claim to love our culture won't even learn a note far less the National Anthem on our National Instrument.

hear hear Sue-Ann, ITA with everything you said. 


"let people go home"-?  seriously?  what the hell?  like they just wanna hurryup and play and leave? I don't THINK so.

ok well anyone who wants to go home, go then.  no bodda come. The rest of us WANT to spend the entire day hearing the bands play -  ALL the bands -  medium and large. This is the ONE time of year we can eat, sleep, and breathe pan 24/7 ...  I don't care HOW long it goes, i am never bored, i LOVE hearing 6 different arrangements of the same tune, i adore hearing what the various arrangers can do. I love the all-day lime, the food, the crowd, the cacaphony of thousands of pans all around .... I am ALL ABOUT  these two days per year we can lime, drink, dance, and eat pan ... and exhaust weself with an overload of glorious music.

anyone who wants to 'go home' should just stay there, and let the rest of us enjoy and revel in the pan overload - we only get it two days a year anymore....  now folks wanna make THAT little bit even less? and call it "progress"?  errrr, not in my book.



I see you picked up on "let people go home" after mid-nite people get tired and the majority start going home, if you doubt me ask the Fonclaire people, for the last two years when they played both stands was practically empty.

Catt, it is four o'clock

In the morning

Catt, here the neighbor cock

How it crowing

Cecil, leggo meh damn han

I eh going home

So just leave me alone


Ah tell yuh I eh ready yet

Ah now begin to fete

Ah having ah good time

Doh break up the lime

Go way Go way

I intend to say

Preach Paul -- Catt  eh going home at all!!!


My choice would be both type of bands , one current Calypso ,Tune must not be longer than seven minutes. That's all you need to do. This would bring an end to all this long and boring overarrangements by some of these guys. I believe if you going to win any competition whether its singing or playing an instrument , the first three minutes is when you have the judges full attention , after that it fades gradually. Brain chemistry I guess. Blessings.
Winston, agree and I would say keep it to the top five or even seven bands from each category.

Panorama format is good as it is, one song is fine and I agree with David, Panorama is more than a musical even. I love everything about it, I call it the "Greatest show on Earth" Bands all over the Savannah practicing, food, drinks...etc. sharing, one big picnic. Tragically they took away an important part, where fans had a chance to chip down the drag-strip with their band is no more. they all pull their pans straight to the stage.

Let all the Large bands play first is all they need to do.

Cecil you are a wicked man. lol   -- But seriously if those other categories want respect they need follow in Silver Stars footsteps - move up to the next class and kick ass. If you can't do that then what are you complaining about?



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