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Hi all,

What (if any) changes would you all like to see in the panorama. I don't mean regarding the PT executive, or who runs it, or whether bands should go back on the streets and forget the competition altogether. This is a question for those who love panorama and want to see it do better, and what organizational/format changes could make a positive difference. I have some ideas but curious to see what you all think first.


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CH, those day's are GONE man, it could NEVER be like that again...

I want the judges scores to be posted electronically and immediately like figure skating in the Olympics. 

Jojo that could be dangerous for people who attend the show, supporters could get unruly if they don't like their band score.

I would end having 10 medium bands first then 10 large after,as many patrons do not come until it is close to the end of the medium bands,so I would like to see the show operating with band no.1 from medium, followed by band no1. from large. band no.2 from medium, followed by band no. 2 from large, in other words medium,large, medium, large. There will be the two panels of judges for both categories and it gives the judges a little breathing space if they need a drink or have to use the loo,because it would take set up time and performance time (approximately 20 minutes)before a judge has to listen to the next band. 

If scores are put up after every performance, people will become disruptive especially with some alco in their heads, if after six bands the score shows that a certain band or bands are not in the top three,because from early you know you are not in winners row. THAT WILL HAPPEN!


Find a way to reduce the time between performances.

And DEMAND (through judging) that the bands PLAY THE CALYPSO in HARD CORE CALYPSO without all that FOREIGN MUSIC inclusion/intrusion on a CARNIVAL SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

Mi Amigo, I'm kind ah dissapointed in U man, do U know how Panorama got it's form???

I know it is not a rhetorical question, so TELL US ALL!!!

One panorama champion. 10 bands maximum for the final on carnival Sunday night, part of dimanache gras as years gone by. No ties at the semi finals to increase the final 10 bands. Also bring back the zonal finals in the North, East and South. Lastly, medium and small band categories can be organized after the carnival season.

Patrick: You have a real good idea. SUNDAY NIGHT. And after each band leaves the stage they set up on the edge of the savannah in different areas with their bar and food and souvenirs and music for sale and people coming and fete with any of the 12 bands they like until FOUR O' CLOCK in the morning when EVERYBODY hits the streets for JOUVERT.

Claude,I support you 100%. Yes no more boring carnival Sunday night/early carnival Monday morning for pan.

I like this idea...


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