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Hi all,

What (if any) changes would you all like to see in the panorama. I don't mean regarding the PT executive, or who runs it, or whether bands should go back on the streets and forget the competition altogether. This is a question for those who love panorama and want to see it do better, and what organizational/format changes could make a positive difference. I have some ideas but curious to see what you all think first.


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Semi-Finals should be 1 week before finals and only Large Bands only on Carnival Saturday night.

I would like 2 see more days 4 d preliminaries,which means judging of less bands per night and shorter distances for the judges to travel between bands as they will b judging by caption area. More technology should b introduced so that instead of Tobago bands having to come to Trinidad they remain  in Tobago and the t v b used to relay their performance. We would have judges at each venue and  all the judges would score all the bands not only the on site judges. This goes for deep south and far east bands also. Different venues will b used throughout the twin islands with groups of bands performing in their area. There must be separate finals and the top 3 in each category except the single pans , take part in a champion of champions on the Saturday night.No more than 8 bands should b in the finals. The shows should have accompanying guest artistes  while bands are setting up. A comedian, a dance troupe, a calypsonian or 2 and drawing of door prizes donated by corporate sponsors. All the competitions should b streamed live. Even the prelims. Let the tv outside broadcast crews travel with the judges as they go from area to area.The contract for the  t v rights should be given to the highest bidder 4 local and international streaming. With less bands on show the package will b more palatable for foreign audiences.

What NOAH should do is sift through all the opinions and produce a PROPOSAL FOR CHANGE. Then bring it back to the forum and you guys HASH IT OUT and then come up with a final document which should be forwarded to the MINISTRY OF CULTURE and THE LOCAL MEDIA.

But I don't want the BUGS ideas to dominate THE FINAL PROPOSAL because he is currently under CONCUSSION PROTOCOL!!!

Something I forgot 2 mention in my first reply. I would like 2 have a double revolving stage where while one band is performing the next in line is setting up. Thereby eliminating some of the time wastage between performances. This could be set up in the area where the North Stand is usually placed and the North Stand moved further north or done away with totally, because generally the people in the north stand come to picnic and party not 2 listen to pan. Many times the authorities have to ask them to stop their goings-on in order for the bands to play .Patrons could b seated in the current stage area on the stage. You need that stage for all the other events In fact a 3rd elevator like stage could b put in  place for the M C  and supporting acts so that when the band finishes its performance ,the stage turns bringing the other band around, then the elevator stage comes down and the M C does his thing and one of the supporting acts performs. When the stage has turned fully around the next band  engages the audience. 

I just love the North Stand atmosphere what  a great area/place to listen to Pan for Panorama. 

Please it is to restricted to listen to the sweet music of the pan/bands sitting in a chair. They can introduce or consider Pan at its best in having a show all by itself on a different day where the bands are allowed to play any song of its choice.  To much empty space in the North Stands for the finals. How about allowing the bands to also face the North Stands for the Finals, I will always support the North Stand location and the Grand Stand if I have no choice.

Thanks all,

I have a few ideas myself:

1. No more medium.

2. Large 100 players max, small 50 max.

3. Finals is 12 large bands and 6 small.

4. Semifinals no earlier than the Sunday before panorama (move Jr. panorama to that Saturday)

5. Current tunes ONLY for conventional bands. Retro for single pan alone.

6. Let the crowd go near the stage again!

Great ideas...

However, large needs to remain at 120 players.


Then that's 240 more players to field overall, might be sharing some...

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To allow small bands to play on a different day of competition.  It will be nice to leave the Savannah earlier.  I will also attend the small bands competition if held on a different day.  Thanks for allowing us to have some input into this matter.   I also believe its time to invest in a street sweeper for the stage and eliminate individuals sweeping the stage after the band are finish playing.  


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