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Check Mate, Pan Trinbago Power Hungry Queen attempts to grab two Moore years.

Check Mate, Pan Trinbago Power Hungry Queen attempts to grab two Moore years.


The question everyone keeps asking is, if she has so much support then why go through all of these unconstitutional measures to stay in office? Why the lack of confidence? Why all the plotting to set up a meeting to get support for her hidden agenda as other unsuspecting members were absent? Why not use that energy and resource to call an election and get your additional two years legally?


With more than half the Pan Trinbago members absent, in a reconvened extra-ordinary meeting yesterday, Sunday 4th September, originally convened to ratify minutes, Beverly Ramsey Moore’s good friend and highly paid office manager moved a motion for her to remain in office for two moore years.  The motion was passed and she is now attempting to have a convention without an election.


When the election was put off in September/ October last year, under the guise of keeping her members safe, I, together with a group of band leaders warned that Beverley Ramsey Moore’s intention was to give herself three full years without facing the polls. After the Taste of Carnival, when it was clear that she was comfortable with everyone gathering for events but not for a constitutionally due election, she held a meeting with the promise that if there were no court cases against her, she will call the election. She asked us to refrain from public utterances, to be patient and she will make sure elections will be held in October. We did as she asked and still the membership was betrayed.


Beverly has been violating our constitution, abusing her power and continues to stay in office without facing the polls. A group of strong members have called her out and we will continue to do so despite her attempts to demonize the group members’ characters. The vocal members of this group have been discriminated against and victimised constantly. Her brazen lies extend outside the organisation’s doors to the nation. She has proven herself willing to say and do anything to continue in office. Just this week she led the Prime Minister to make misinformed statements. “For the first time after 30 years Beverly Ramsey Moore had Audited financial statements”. That is far from the truth. If Beverly’s executive presents the audited financial statements next month, it would be the first since she has been in office. Prior to her being in office, PT members got audited financial statements every year.


To Beverly, I know you don’t care about our constitution at all but I will still attempt to school you as it is my responsibility to do so. There are only two meetings that have the power to alter, suspend or change anything in our constitution.

  1. A convention
  2. A special convention

You and your office manager do not even have the knowledge to attempt your second coup within the right meeting. It shows that you all just read and don’t understand the very said constitution that ensured there was an election so that you could get the opportunity to be elected into your current position.


Shame on you and your team

All for power! Your action is criminal.


Aquil Arrindell

Enough is enough

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Serious business. How will what happened b changed? It seems that there was a quorum, otherwise d mtng could not occur. What recourse do those who oppose have? I am neutral but in my opinion there should b elections if leaders want 2 remain in power. Everybody must have their say.


The fact that you PRETEND to have PAN at heart yet still write all these LIES and MISLEADING information here shows a lot.

The fact that your supporting members can come under your post and be utterly disrespectful and you not address it says a lot.

The fact that you come here to LIE and say more than half of Pan Trinbago members were absent at the meeting shows you will stop at nothing to have your POINT be accepted by the PUBLIC.

The fact that you misconstrue the entire article by the PM for your GAIN; Says the MOST!! The article INCLUDES where the PRESIDENT clearly articulated that for THE FIRST TIME IN PAN TRINBAGO’s HISTORY; PAN TRINBAGO HAS RECEIVED A CLEAN AUDIT. But no; to highlight this; will mean you’ll have to applaud BEVERLEY RAMSEY MOORE for doing good. In over 30 Years Pan Trinbago has NEVER received a CLEAN AUDIT. This is a milestone for which the PRIME MINISTER was proud; but of course you KNOW this but CHOOSE to spread propaganda for your GAIN.

The fact that a MOTION was moved and it is a problem; Listen…. if my mom was a delegate and feel to move a motion….guess what? She can move it! Its up to the MEMBERSHIP to respond to the motion; so IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO MOVES A MOTION. The membership seconded the motion. Further to the motion being seconded; it WAS PUT FOR DEBATE. In that debate; your members pleaded to members to not vote for the motion; ALL HAD THEIR OPPORTUNITY to provide their remarks on the motion; even your crew. BUT!!! Guess what? When the motion was put to a vote (as it should) it was the MEMBERS …..the 110 MEMBERS who voted FOR the motion. Only 12 Persons voted against. So Great; the MEMBERS made their decision BUT you come here to BLAME BEVERLEY as usual. You come on here to get “public” favor through your LIES. You have no favor with the MEMBERS (those who are the decision makers and made their decision) so you come to the PUBLIC to paint Pan Trinbago in a NEGATIVE light once again and then BLAME BEVERLEY for YOUR BEHAVIOR. Cause nobody but yourself send you to write these lies. But Na, blame her for the motion, blame her for 110 people voting for the motion, blame her for your behavior, blame her for your preference not being the MEMBERS preference.

Of course, the BLAME BEVERLEY TRAIN is here. And the BRING DOWN PAN TRINBAGO IMAGE. Cause clearly YOU and YOUR VIEW are more important than 110 Members of Pan Trinbago INC.

You make it your BUSINESS to try to harm the Pan Trinbago brand and by extension the bands. BEVERLEY never send you to type these things so STOP blame the woman. Take accountability for your OWN self-gains; for YOUR OWN DISREGARD for the MEMBERS request, for YOUR OWN LIES.

I usually stay quiet but I am TIRED of the lies, the blatant attacks on the organization and by extension the bands; all because a HANDFUL of persons DISAGREE with 110 Members of Pan Trinbago Inc. A lot  of our members are not on Social Media but they were PRESENT at the recent meeting and MADE THEIR DECISION. But you come on here to post to John Public; our members don’t fight on Social Media; they make decisions at meetings and THAT’S WHAT THEY DID.

In the SAME BREATH; the motion could’ve been moved and members not support but THEY SUPPORTED 110 Strong.

I not even looking back at this comment; so you all can feel free to reply to yourselves. Whilst you all have free time; we’re busy with events and Pan Trinbago’s 2022 Audit etc. Have an AMAZING DAY #dobetter.

Why all the hating and judgment ?  Were you there? Do you know the motives for Ms Moore's actions? Do ypu know what really happened? Speculation should not be dressed up as truth.  You are alleging, so go ahead and allege put leave out the spin that converts allegation into truth.

Pan should be the focus and not personalities.

         "Jealousy is a tribute which mediocrity pays to genius."

I feel comfortable enough to speak here..

A word to the wise, The Convention Meeting is sacrosanct in the Constitution of Pan Trinbago. It is the supreme legislative and judicial authority of the Association, and it is held every three years held between September 01 and Oct 31. It is the jackscrew fail safe mechanism of the Constitution, that safeguards the electoral mandate of the general membership to decide, to whom shall be given the governing mandate until the next scheduled Convention. The chief custodian of the Constitution is the incumbent President of the Association.

On record, Conventions have been postponed owing to numerous court actions over the years, and for COVID-19. In my experiences, if one attempts to shortcircuit that particular part of the Constitution, it will end up short-circuiting themselves; and when it is held, when the herd moves it will move, on whoever is doing the short-circuiting process. I have witnessed this during my service with Pan Trinbago...#doitright #lovewhereyoulive 

Yuh think BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE care about THE CONSTITUTION when she stuffing her pocket with $27,500 every month plus all THE PERKS.


Those who live in Trinidad today know that 27,500 TTD is NOT big money for the work that the President of Pan Trinbago does.  I am quite disappointed at this discussion and regret the defamation  under the guise of free speech.  Dictatorship? Really?

Denise: As far as I HEAR -- yuh eh see "DEFAMATION" yet ... people ON THE GROUND vex and they coming with ALL KINDA THUNDERBOLT!!!

  If they have the civil and legal means to reverse any unconstitutional actions then they should employ those.  The exaggeration and slander are unnecessary, are not constructive and only encourage the notion that we cannot manage anything.  It also discourages willing persons from getting involved .  Who would want to expose themselves to that kind of attack?

BTW has Pan Trinbago ever cancelled a Panorama? Did Pan Trinbago get a clean audit?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

This may be off topic for some, but  helps capture the big picture.

“Narcissism and materialism are two of the four legs of American culture (Greed and Racism are the others enshrine in Law).

Social media just makes it simultaneous and immediate for large numbers.

Social Media companies continue to create intentionally addictive platforms that monetize narcissism and materialism”

"Dis place nice its a paradise." Brother Valentino


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