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Congrats Cecil, I wish you and your Wife many many more, and keep them Discussions coming

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Congratulation Cecil and Pinky on 5 decades of marriage. Pinky, your school mate Yvette which is my sister only have a year up on you all. I have more years than all of you, but with 3 different wives (lol)

Congratulations again to the Hinkson's.

Big congratulations to you Cecil and Gloria

Best wishes

Salah &  Family

Cecil Boi, that is ah Milestone, very few people can make that, My own ain't last as long as "the Redhouse fire",  nice, nice, another 9 years will be 1/2 of ah Century, (I hope I will be still alive to give my Congrats to you all)  enjoy

Bob, I am glad you enlighten me on the Secret, I thought it was, "If you get ah Horn take it and keep quiet" Now that I know, thks


My secret is because I know how to say "YES DEAR"

A yankee pardner give meh the 4 watch words to a happy marriage….1. Yes Dear…2. I'm Sorry….3. You're Rght….4. I'll Pay…lol

Merry T, I end up with the last two when I told the Judge , "You are right, I will pay" Alimony at my Divorce hearing, lol

merrytones, that was one smart yankee.

To All,

Your well wishes are appreciated.

Congratulations, Cecil , to you and the better half . Hope you guys have many more years together.

And, I wasn't going to say anything, but when Bede start giving bad advise about "If you get ah Horn take it and keep quiet" I had to speak up.

Friends, on this particular subject please, please do not listen to Bede.

Based on what know about this old time Trini sagaboy called Bede Lopez , I would not recommend his advise when it comes to matters of the heart.


Bede ain't have no woman, how yuh go be ah sagaboy wid no woman. [he only visit Miss Palmer sometimes]

Cecil boi, congrats on this milestone, ah see like yuh marriage older than you boi. You are a real man fuh staying the course.


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