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Congrats Cecil, I wish you and your Wife many many more, and keep them Discussions coming

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Congrats big brother Cecil…well done...


Wey yuh been hiding boi? long time we ain't hear from you, GOD bless. Thanks.

I've been here all the time…just looking on…but yuh know when ah hear good news about meh family ah have to put in meh two cents...


Glad to know you are still with us.

Congratulations to you so.

I share (some of ) your joy as i have been married for 38 years.

However, i only know you via this site but have grown to respect you.

Incidentally are you one of/related to the Hinkson's who were at QRC  in the late 1950s, early 60s. (Jackie and Gregor)? I knew them when i was in school.

No Noel but 3 of my brothers beat pan in Synphonettes I remember you said that you played for them also.

Greetingsa my bredren. Had I known that  you had made forty one years in your marriage, I would have included you in my book How Much Do you Love Your Dada , Mama, Nana A Guide tp Parenting. There is a page in the book for the Golden Heavyweights. Doyle Griffith, the footballer as of last year made 52 years. Again Congrats to you and your wife. Maybe you should run workshops for those  young couples on how to maintain a successful marriage. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine

Good Heavens, Cecil!!!
Two score and one years of wedded bliss? How absolutely delightful!!
What a shining example you are for us poor plebs.

Listen, I hope you don't ever waste your time nor your money playing the lotto.....cause you will not win again. You've already hit the jackpot,....oh,.....forty-one years ago!!

Congratulations to you and your wife, and wishing you both continued good health and happiness.

No pun intended,......but,......Keep It Up!!
All the best, Buddy!!

Peter it is always deLight-ful hearing from you, I am having a problem trying to Keep It Up but I'll die trying.

Cec, doh give up, long before Viagra there was bois bande, seamoss, etc... ;-)

Dre, ah could get meh own Viagra and seamoss but yuh could FedX me some ah yuh bois bande.


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