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Congratulations to D'Radoes - NY 2014 Panorama Champions

1. 470 D'Radoes
2. 468 Adlib & CASYM
4. 454 Sonatas
5. 453 Pan Fantasy
6. 451 Crossfire...
7. 445 Pantonic
8. 443 Despers USA
9. 424 Harmony
10. 421 Steel Xplosion
11. 417 Metro

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WIADCA apparently tried something new this year: Constantly changing advertising and graphics displays as a backdrop while the bands were performing on stage.  This was both distracting and disconcerting from an audience perspective, and discourteous to the performers on stage and to the spectators who paid the price of admission.  The degree of distraction increased with distance from the stage.  While one has come expect similar type advertising during a sporting match -- e.g., football (or what Americans call soccer) and basketball, one should not expect such blatant disregard of decorum at a concert or similar event of the performing arts. ... Too, those in attendance may wonder why the only projected video of the performances provided was on a screen to the left of the stage; and that video was from a single stationary camera showing mostly the front line as seen from stage left.  I don't have an exact answer, but do have my suspicions.  I have been helping Adlib for nearly a dozen years now and after helping push several racks onto the stage, I found an empty chair 2nd from center aisle only 3 rows back of the barricade behind the judges table.  There were two individuals standing in the aisle immediately behind the barricade, recording on ipads or similar devices, the performance of Adlib and Crossfire, the band that followed.  I could see clearly the images on their tablets, somewhat washed out, but with bright spots in much of the center, possibly due in part to that back lit advertising.  Perhaps WIADCA will take note of this constructive criticism and rectify things next year.

Congratulations to D'Radoes and the entire organization. Well done! What ever happened to Metro? The granddaddy

of Despers, Pantonic and D'Radoes.  Tony, wake up!  Aka: Curly / Aka: Tahzann

Congratulations to D'Radoes' victory at Brooklyn's Panorama 2014 on behalf of Despers USA.  Big up to the man "MAN" and arranger Mr. Terrence "BJ" Marcelle. "BJ" has now won 10 times: 4 Single and 5 Small all consecutively, and now his first victory in the US. Just some more trivia, Mr. Marcelle qualified La Brea Nightingales for the panorama finals in Trinidad in 2014; did you all know that it made La Brea Nightingales the 68th Steel Orchestra to make the Panorama finals. (lol)

Congrats to all.

Congratulations to D'Rados and their members you all performance were well done thanks to the arranger but most of all Dane Gulston with out him there were no first place Once again thanks to you all and continue with the same pattern that you all had on stage

I have not heard any of the performances but I am certain that all the bands gave a good account of themselves, especially with great amount of effort and energy that went into getting ready for the night. I sincerely hope the players are well paid. Congratulations to the bands once again....you are all winners.

Congratulations 'D'Radeos
Enjoy your victory and all that it allows you to do as 2014 Champions,tomorrow is never promised so live it up now ! (John 3:16-17)


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