• Cold Steel, I only was thinking in the terms of when Hadeed went with Starlift, he  was expected to fill Ray Shoes, and don't get me wrong, I like Hadeed as an arranger, I saw his success with Ebony in the past and I was hoping that he would have been the arranger for Ebony at the ICP, then I saw Duvone name as arranger, I was a surprised. 

    • Bede, you answered the question to a large extent which Cold Steel did not and your and his knowledge is to be respected. We know Hadeeds achievements  although I wasn't on the scene at the time,. We dealing in the present.


      UK panorama is intercol steelband compared to TT Panorama, what do you think?

  • Congrats!!!

  • What were these judges drinking? Never seen such crazy results...and I was there!!! Apparently judges like to favor certain arrangers regardless of what they put out...maybe the criteria should be to poll the audience and then the results will be vastly different!!! Bringing the same inept judging from Trinidad works in some people's favour I guess!!

    • Sweet, yuh sounding Sour. Can't blame everything on the judges, its always going to be controversial. Although Ebony was not the best.

      • Hahahaha, you nailed it with Ebony and Mangrove was less than good....not sour just very disappointed...we have lost the art of arranging and feel that runs and more runs in a tune can replace melody and harmony...

        • Who had it on your score sheet? I only came in at Mangrove.

          • I was very impressed with Metro...the arrangement had so many interesting points and twists. It held my attention from beginning to end and and most importantly it had harmony and the melody was evident throughout the tune. The execution was excellent and it was a good energetic performance. Even if they did not win, the spread of the points (18) was so wide that one would think that they 'buss' or something and that was certainly not the case!!!

            • I think they shot themselves in the foot with the speed…a little less hustle and they could probably have placed higher….

              • Maybe yur right mtttb I missed Endurance and Metro and its not up yet, so can't comment. Always wondered why Hadeed never gets a shot at Trini Panorama when 'others' don't seem to have a problem. 

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