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Conventional steel bands in the East and South/Central will hold the spotlight

Conventional steel bands in the East and South/Central will hold the spotlight tomorrow (Thursday 29th January) as judging in the preliminary round of Pan Trinbago’s National Panorama competition continues.

In the south, Medium bands Petrotrin Hatters and Couva Joylanders will perform their tunes of choice.

Also on Thursday evening, eight (8) Small Bands in the East will face their panel of adjudicators from 7:00 pm. The line up is as follows:-
1. Bon Air Rhythn Rockers Blue Mussel St. Bon Air West, Arouca
2. Five Rivers Modern Symphony Range Road, Five Rivers, Arouca
3. Fascinators Pan Symphony 1 Lammie Street, Tunapuna
4. Tipica 66 El Dorado Road, Tunapuna
5. New Generation Priority Bus Route, Pasea, Tunapuna
6. Tunapuna All Stars Priority Bus Route, Pasea, Tunapuna
7. Flamingoes St. John Road, St. John, St.Augustine
8. Moods Saldenah Terrace, Southern Main Road, Curepe

Come Friday, the focus shifts to the sister isle as the Small and Medium bands take centre stage. Small bands T&TEC New East Side Dimension and Central Symphony will begin the night’s judging at 7:00 pm. They will be followed by Medium bands West Side Symphony, Carib Dixieland, Steel Xplosion, NLCB Buccooneers and Katzenjammers.

The action returns to Trinidad with the South/Central bands on Saturday 31st January. Nine bands starting with Old Tech will be judged in the Small Band category. Others in that category are San City, Pan Elders, Antillean All Stars, Mt. Moriah Pan Movement, Southern Marines Steelband Foundation, Southern All Stars, Mt.Moriah Pan Movement and Longdenville Claytones.

Medium bands in the East will also be judged at their respective panyards. The nine bands slated to appear are Sangre Grande Cordettes, Melodians, Arima Angel Harps, Parry’s Pan School, CLICO Sforzata, Curepe Scherzando, Potential Symphony, Solo Pan Knights and Harmonites. Judging begins at 7:00 pm.

On Sunday 1st February, six Small Conventional bands in the South/Central region will be judged. They are Kalomo Kings, Panosonic Connection, La Brea Nightingales, Starland, Tornadoes and Trinidad Valley Harps. Starting time on Sunday is 5:00 pm.

From the News desk of Pan Trinbago

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i love to give my love to the Bp renegades steel band all the best of the panorama,on sunday i love you lanel lopez the bass man form the renegades.i cannot wait to see you again.


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