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"Corruption Allegations & Insolvency At Pan Trinbago"

Brunch at 107.7 with Rennie Bishop featuring Former Pan Trinbago Vice President/Events Manager, Byron Serrette.

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Corruption corruption corruption easy money

Very interesting !

Sounds eerily familiar. No answers, ostracism part of the culture of the steel pan movement(s).
Is this gentleman speaking the truth? Are there people who would debunk his offerings? Can we handle the truth? Is he "doing the right thing" because others didn't "do the right thing"? BTW, what the hell is the "RIGHT THING"?

patrick, he did the right thing, the problem here is that he was around when the New Visionaries was talking about Transparency and Accountability and they sunk them. If Diaz is charged with anything I bet he implicate Mr Serrette.

So do we kill the messenger and dump the message? He claims he was collecting the "evidence", should he have come out with the claims with nothing to back it up?. Did the New Visionaries bring hard facts? Cecil, every Tom. Dick and dey bredder knew what was going on, without proof, now there is proof, as alleged, we want to kill the messenger. Dais is why nutten changes.

I say, let the sh*t hit the fan and see who gets the splatter.

Yes, his version of his offerings can be debunked,...as there are many things in his offerings that he knows...has gaps in his testimony.....

No we cannot handle the truth. Why did he not do the right thing over the last 4 years of his tenure?.…...This is the same gentleman who collected a salary of over $14000/per month as Events Manager...with no calendar of events present.....over 350,000 thousand dollars in honoriaums over his tenure as VP for his role, on the Panorama Management Committee, on the Greens, inclusive of this year..for an event that has continually during his tenure ran at a loss.....and what does he do.....he deposits his fat check, then turns around and lambastes and lampoon the organization and totally disrespect all of its members....in the public domain.....as ye is accustomed to doing as a matter of his general discourse....

Serrette is not the 1st officer in the Diaz led organization to demit office under turbulent circumstances,...and he certainly will not be the last. Serrette is at least 4 years too late....and millions of taxpayers dollars to short....The system is broke....it needs an intervention.... Who will bell the cat....I will leave it there...... For now.

Maybe there are things he'd rather not say in public? Did he have the evidence, the hard facts, during the last four years of his tenure? I hear what you are saying, he did this and he did that, he got this and he got that, so that means, there is no truth to what he is saying, I hear yuh. Gregory. I think someone is attempting to "bell the cat", if he is allowed.

As I said to Cecil, it seems that this thing is going to end up in a court of law, let the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. Splatter, it must.

 why he did not demit before - this has been going on for a while

How long is "a while"? Listen to the interview again and you'll find out why. I do not know nor am I familiar with the parties involved, but as an interested observer, I surely and sorely would like to know the TRUTH.

This clarifies for me something the Minister Dolly said about the audits @ 3:45, this was standard operating procedure between the ministry and Pan Trinbago, an audit is submitted annually.

If a company has to conduct an audit annually to justify its financial operations, says a lot about their accounting process. Somebody will have to go.

The auditing company PKF role also comes into play; they are Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. My question will be, were they performing audits only, as Business Advisors that would be the best time to offer corrective action if they found discrepancies. What’s the purpose of an audit when you can’t prove whey de money gorn?


the questions is what is Pan Trinbago?

Is Pan Trinbago a private company that is 34 million dollars in the red? 

Is Pan Trinbago an extended government agency that is 34 million dollars in the red?



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