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Could somebody explain to me why this "PAN VIDEO" got almost FOUR MILLION VIEWS?

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I need to see her face.

Here she is!!!

she is beautiful and sexy....... 

playing a big song on the steel pan....... 

all of which make up the ingredients of the recipe of a viral video....... 

Aquil: Then all you need to get is a SEXY GIRL FROM TRINIDAD and put her to play a BIG SONG on the PAN and  the PAN VIDEO will go VIRAL.

And Claude could say: My dream finally come true -- a SUPERSTAR PAN PLAYER from TRINIDAD making GLOBAL STEELDRUM MUSIC.

Ah standing in line to be the first to buy THE CD or whatever Medium the music is presented on!!!

Simple explanation. When non-Trinidadians play pan it opens up the world to the instrument. Most people who carry-out searches on the internet for "Pan" or steeldrum bands as the foreigners call it are hoping to see the tourist version. 

Shiny drums, palm trees, recognizable tunes and are happy when the players are not black caribbean.

What the pannist in the "Mecca" need to recognise is 1) Pan does not start and end with panorama. 2)Those complex arrangements imitating compositions of 17 18 and 19 century Europeans when translated into local music does not always lend itself to entertainment. 3)The logistics of carrying 100 or more instruments to far-flung places needs a lot of money. 

Individuals and small ensamples are the only financially viable proposition going forward. Yes it may epitomise touristic utopia but at least it puts food on the table.

This is just my opinion why it received so many views online.


Well said Randi Curvan!

Conversely, can someone explain to me why when do panist from across the globe make their annual pilgrimage to the Mecca of Pan to partake in our cultural festivities, many yearning to join and play with a "local" steelband for the Panorama?

I was told by someone who works with the border services of T&T Immigration that on a regular basis there are as many as 17 foreign countries with "cultural tourists" visiting our shores of T&T which TIDCO and CSO state those flocks (including many expats) of visitors spend on average 10K TTD massing to well-over 0.5B in multiple-sectors of the economy.

I make a point of speaking to many of these folks when and where ever I encounter them.  Many tell me that they enjoy the culture of T&T in it's natural settings and appreciate how our expressions are not designed or tailored based on exposition for "outsiders".  Instead they enjoy it's natural expressions which they feel invited and privileged to partake in and THAT is why they love to hear the song of Trinidad.

Many spoke with honest passions and not polite conversation and echoed the joy of feeling lucky to be in our midst.

'Nuff Respect!


The mecca must show people dancing and enjoying themselves with the steelband, not sitting and listening.

Cecil: Go read the comments below the video on YOUTUBE. People from all over the world flocked to listen to this video and make comments. Truly GLOBAL STEEL DRUM MUSIC!!!

So what are the creators waiting for???

Read Global Enchantment

This rendition grows on you.  You savor it but still want to play it again.

Brenda H. 

As I keep saying; Pan(the instruments) will definitely get global recognition and acceptance. However, Pan (the music of the all- steel orchestra), will always be a much harder global sell; and for obvious reasons.
That is why every musical act that comes out of T&T, should find a way to incorporate some pan instrument(s) into their their act. Machel Montano, are you listening? Soca and Chutney musicians are you listening?
If Trinis love pan as much as we say we do. Then promote de dam PAN.

masai, soca performers doh like pan, if they did they would included it their songs years ago.


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