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Culture Minister considers pedestrianising streets for Pan prelims


Next year's panorama preliminaries in the North Zone has outgrown the panyards says Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. 

Speaking to Loop following the preliminary judging round on Tuesday night, Dr Gadsby-Dolly said the time may have come for a new arrangement. 

The Minister was among thousands who followed the judges from panyard to panyard in the annual panyard crawl

"I thought the thousands at prelims all over Trinidad and Tobago were a resounding endorsement of the population's love for and support of our national instrument and the authentic panyard experience. Because it's gotten so big, establishing a  route and pedestrianising those streets may become necessary.  A shuttle service along that route could also be considered," she said.

The Minister said she will definitely start discussions into those plans with Pan Trinbago, the National Carnival Commission and Tourism Trinidad. 

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Very good idea. Now get someone to pedestrianize the Central Market.

Mercer: That is PANORAMA FEVER talking there. Once ASH WEDNESDAY come everybody forget about all DAT!!!

I Agree.

DOLLY always a DAY LATE and a $ SHORT!!!

When is she going to release the FORENSIC AUDIT REPORT?

Gonzales you have out grown your usefulness being ignorant and not knowing it is a dangerous thing 

Please explain, Earl.

Start back letting the bands go through the savannah like the old days, good clean family entertainment. I'v been trying to get them to do this for a few years now. .

Who have you been talking to, Cecil? You have to set up a meeting with GYPSY and BEVERLEY. But yuh know by the time PANORAMA DONE all the OLE TALK sure to boil down like BAH-JEE.

GYPSY have his hand in everything, now. I just read where he want the NCC to invest in MACHEL MONDAY.

Boy, I cannot listen to no 28 STEELBANDS in one day!!! But we have to find ah good place to lime together because ah does REAL ENJOY all THE CHAT!!!

Claude, some ppl trying to stifle yuh. The trooth, they cyar handle the trooth.

I doh take on, Earl ... yuh know, Mercer. He doh contribute NOTHING to THE FORUM except to DEFEND BEVERLEY and run off.

I don't contribute to BS and negative stuff that is destructive to the steelband organization

The savannah is just profit for Pan Trinbago, they doh have to put out a cent Just collect from Grandstand and North Park. Talk about ah golden egg.


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