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Culture Minister considers pedestrianising streets for Pan prelims


Next year's panorama preliminaries in the North Zone has outgrown the panyards says Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. 

Speaking to Loop following the preliminary judging round on Tuesday night, Dr Gadsby-Dolly said the time may have come for a new arrangement. 

The Minister was among thousands who followed the judges from panyard to panyard in the annual panyard crawl

"I thought the thousands at prelims all over Trinidad and Tobago were a resounding endorsement of the population's love for and support of our national instrument and the authentic panyard experience. Because it's gotten so big, establishing a  route and pedestrianising those streets may become necessary.  A shuttle service along that route could also be considered," she said.

The Minister said she will definitely start discussions into those plans with Pan Trinbago, the National Carnival Commission and Tourism Trinidad. 

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Let's see how Pan trinbago come down what the minister is proposing?

Beverley Ramsey-Moore does not dare disagree with DOCTOR DOLLY on ANY SUBJECT!!!


Cecil: Yuh see GYPSY pushing MONDAY NIGHT BRASS -- yuh better tell him about MONDAY NIGHT PAN!!!

Claude I would like to see MONDAY AFTERNOON STEELBAND STREET PARTY with a bomb competition.

Talk to GYPSY he might want to INVEST: Chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Winston "Gypsy" Peters said he would be on board with the commission's investing in events like Machel Monday.


NO IDEA IS BAD, AND THIS ONE COULD BECOME GOOD IF THE COUNTRY HAS $ FOR SCHOOLS $ FOR HEALTH CARE $ FOR INFRASTRUCTURE. Yes, I know up to circa 2003 bands moved and not the judges. However, the worth of a blue note today is equal to a few reds (lol)

I thought Trinidad politicians were smart people, but it seems not. Are all the panyards the same size to accommodate the thousands? Enough seating? Restroom facilities? Are they adequate, or man just pee anywhere and stink up the place, Parking facilities, security?  By the way, what about the queens park savannah-Grand stand-North Stand.

How come I didn't see anything about what happen to Hilanders in their  steelband panyard with the bandit's?

 I saw that in the Guardian and I didn't see in WST.Did anybody saw that.

And what happen to that.

I agree, it has out grown the pan yard, time for the government to make some money out of it, too, taxes, 


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