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Dem judges tief Supernovas and Pamberi.

Pamberi and Supernovas have to be in the top two in their categories. What madddddness is this? Dem judges suffering from multiple concussions or the Russians got to them with mind control.

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 Yeah they got it 'Wrong again'. Heard the judges were "planted" without fertilizer. Clearly they didn't judge these two bands, clearly they didn't listen to these bands and so, these bands were 'placed'.

i agree with you that these bands were among the best three in their category.

The judges tief ? What else is new in this political panorama?

Whats new? Don't smoke weed and drink alcohol.

What’s the alternative? Water and cigarettes?

annual event

 like a road march

But the results were not without discord as fans and supporters in the Grand Stand showed their disapproval with a chorus of “No, No,” and boos when the announcer read out the second-place tie between Exodus and Desperadoes with 281 points.

Gary Cardinez, Newday

It's quite reassuring to learn  I was not singular in my assessment that these two bands received rough treatment from the judges.

  Pamberi Steel Orchestra should be in the top three positions..." Come on now " !!!

At the end of the day, all they are concerned about is giving Renegades a win again. The prelims were a .5 away from a clean sweep. The judges get basodee with Douvone hypnotizing them. How much they will give him for his performance and not the band's music. What will the lesser bands have to do to get a win and upset the apple cart?   

Yea that Duvone sideshow is starting to get tired now. Like he has no confidence in his music to do the job. .


Duvone is ah real Doo doo / Doux doux - man.  The French doux means "sweet". 

Renegades - Wrong Again slow jam



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