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Dem judges tief Supernovas and Pamberi.

Pamberi and Supernovas have to be in the top two in their categories. What madddddness is this? Dem judges suffering from multiple concussions or the Russians got to them with mind control.

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Mr Stewart:

Older folk would say: "Laugh to provoke". I say, ... a most apt response. 

Thanks to your 'slo-jam' I was able to readily pickup and appreciate all the subtleties and nuances of your creative arrangement.  Brilliant.  Creative and musically wise, actually. Your musical prowess is undeniable.

Do you know the part of your arrangement that I really like? The part that really stood out for me? 

It is the part between 0:01 and 7:40.  Well done, maestro.  It sweet.  It reeeeal sweet.

Take heart.  It takes wisdom to understand wisdom — the music means nothing if the audience is deaf.

Despite the alleged powers that be — You, Sir, SHALL not be denied.  Three seriatim!!!

PS. Forgive my negligence.  Thank you.

Mr. Stewart

If you win or as many have it when you win Panorama 2020 you will go down in history as one of the true greats. Your talent and accomplishments cannot be denied. But I don't want to hear you singing. Okay. LOL


People making this identical statement since the beginning of time. If my band "not in" the judges thief. If my band don't win the judges thief. Judges come and go over the years but still the same judges thief. Sour grapes over and over and over............... have been there! done that!  The worse is that most people have absolutely no knowledge of this instrument how sad!!!!

Workshops to improve Panorama judging

by admin | Oct 9, 2019 | Culture

Pan Trinbago will host two workshops with the aim of improving the adjudication process at the Panorama competitions and produce a cadre of professionally trained judges.

The first in the series is a workshop earmarked for Arrangers. The forum will be conducted by Ms. Nubia Williams on October 08, at the Laventille Community Complex, Trinity Avenue, Eastern Main Road, Laventille from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Arrangers are invited to share their views on the adjudication process in a bid “to improve the judging criteria for implementation at the 2020 Panorama competitions.


Sparrow - Robbery With V

bugs: Ah have ah VERY SERIOUS question for you!!!

Why do you think THIS POSTING (aside from your HOLLYWOOD flashing headline -- nice touch) caused such a stir in the PANORAMA COMMUNITY?

The visual of the flashing lights is like the rocking stands with canopies during the break-away. You must pay attention.

Anytime you say "NO, NO, NO" to the hype there going to be trouble in the morning, noon and night. Also, I'm saying the judges knew better.

If you close you eyes and only listen to the music of Pamberi and Supernovas they can't be in the places they were given. 

Quite frankly only Renegades, Desperadoes and Phase II were in Supernovas class.  All the others need to go home and redo the assignment. Exodus was at best 4th or 5th.

Only Popwell and Andre brought something to think about in the medium category.  The rest did not follow the rules.


"Anytime you say "NO, NO, NO" to the hype there going to be trouble in the morning, noon and night."

I guess I will have to accept that answer from you ... but to me that river runs a lot deeper. Because yuh really rattle some nerves down in THE MECCA (on the ground) with THIS TOPIC.

Town saying: Forget about the CORONAVIRUS and leh we kill BUGS instead!!!

Absolutely on the ball. Bugs. 

PANYARD VIBRATIONS. Soon after their qualifying performance, while the judges are tabulating the score sheets, most bands would play a "Cool Down" version of their selection, which is normally slower. The purpose of this is purely entertainment for everyone present (including the judges). Exodus Steel Orchestra is seen here doing just that with their preliminary topping selection "Dear Promoter", much to the enjoyment of supporters and visitors who danced to the music.

Curtis Betaudier

Republic Bank Exodus / "Dear Promoter" (Slow) / Panorama Preliminaries 2020

I listened to the Supernovas and Pamberi steel-bands arrangement many times after their semis, there is no way Supernovas executed their tune/arrangement preferable than Exodus. Likewise, Pamberi tune did not match Renegades horn tune. I think both bands were placed appropriately, this was an easy call. They also easily fell to best Phase II and All Stars. de judges did not tief.


Only Duvone and Renegades followed the rules as outlined in the Pan Trinbago rule-book better than Supernovas.


I preferred Pamberi's version to Renegades...To me they told the "horn" story better and the original tune sang out throught the arrangement...Renegades, due to their superior numbers were much more vigourous in their playing, but Pamberi had more class...


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